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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Yesterday was truly a series of unfortunate events.

For one, I left my car window open a little bit but it rained hard so the drivers seat got soaked. Thankfully, I had a thick towel on hand so I placed it on top of the wet part so I could sit on it. I still got a bit wet though.

Next, I went to the bank and realized I did not have an ID with me, so I couldn’t encash my check.

Third, I couldn’t find the storybook I wanted to use for class because no matter what we do, our library is a mess! The books seem to get swallowed up by the shelves because I can never find them!!! I think we should install a better organization system for it, such as setting up a library database with an ls2208 scanner that will allow us to keep track of the books.

Fourth, my colleagues and I decided to go have an early dinner and I convinced them to give in to my chicken cravings and head to KFC at the University Mall. While heading there, it began to drizzle…and we didn’t have umbrellas on hand! Yet we still braved the rain only to find out the mall had closed a few days ago for renovations. ARGH!

Lastly, the majorly horrible brain-draining, emotionally challenging traffic heading home capped off my day.

What a series of unfortunate events, right?