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Sammy’s Great Beauty Shot Feature

I’ve written about my Samsung PL151 several times already but I can’t help but re-emphasize how much I love the beauty shot feature this camera has. I think several other Samsung models have the same feature, but I don’t know about other brands.

What I like about the Beauty Shot setting is that it retouches and clears up your face a whole lot. And it auto adjusts to the lighting in the area so you are almost always guaranteed a good portrait shot. I like how it makes your skin look so flawlessly smooth and clear. It’s kinda like having a built in automatic photoshop program in it! Plus, since its automatic, it does it all on it’s own. I swear it makes your skin look so good, it would seem that you had airbrushed on your make up or had really good acne treatment products which cleared up your skin to the highest heavens! Take a look at some of these shots:

Nice, right? However, the downside to this setting is that it is quite sensitive to movement, especially indoors. It takes a long time to process the shot so since you tend to be holding the camera at arms length (using the front lcd for self-portraits) you often end up with blurry shots, such as the last one. It takes some getting used to it, but I found that setting it on a tripod or the table helps greatly, but it kinda defeats the some of the dual LCD’s purpose, right? Nonetheless, I still love my Sammy to bits!

Do I recommend getting this? Well, if you’re looking for a basic point and shoot with fun features, this is a good enough choice. Plus it’s generally affordable, ranging from 10,999-13,999 for the PL series. The touch screen versions of the dual lcd Samsung cameras run up to about 21,999 as of the last time I checked.