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Turning a New Leaf

The noblest thing a human being can experience is acceptance of the mystery. - Paulo Coelho

I had set off for 2011 with a lot of positive hopes and aspirations. After all, 2010 ended on a good note, despite it being somewhat of a rocky start. However, barely two weeks in to the new year, I got “toinked” (err…toinked meaning stumbling on something unexpected or slipping down a path I wouldn’t normally wish on anyone) really badly. So much so that it threw me off for a good week. Literally.

I hate how these things happen. Being the type of person I am, I thrive on certainty…on routine…regularity. Things that are random and unexpected throw me in a loop and make it so difficult for m. As I’ve said so many times in the past, change was (and often times still is) never really something I dealt with easily. I like structure…I like knowing…I like being sure.

However every time I think I’ve gotten things down pat, some force comes and toinks me. Read the rest of this entry »

Today’s Thought Bubble: I Have a Little Secret

’nuff said. secret nga e! But….if you’re my Plurk friend, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about hehehe.


Today’s Thought Bubble: Brain on Time Delay

Well, this was technically yesterday’s thought bubble, but my brain is kinda running a day late. I blame in on….welll….nevermind!!! 🙂

I swear every time I give in to my not-so-secret love affair, my thoughts get all tangled up like spaghetti, and not just while it’s happening, but up to a day or two later!!! To be fair, I can be able to do the things I need to do well, I just feel like I’m watching it on time delay. However, yesterday, I had to burst out laughing when one of the little boys in my class was trying to tell me a story and for the life of me, I couldn’t keep up!!!Although….my friend Jen says she likes that giddy, spontaneous Ria that emerges hehe.


Today’s Thought Bubble: I’m Just a Jealous Guy

We all know how much my Bubba is the highlight of my life, right? He makes all the tiredness, hurt, sadness and darkness in my life go away by simply being there beside me. I swear he’s super protective of me, and at times, kinda selfish. He hates it when I play with other dogs or things he thinks will take his place. For example, sometimes when I hug my pillow, he barks at it and tries to make siksik between me and the pillow. I promise this dog is so crazy!

Today, my cutie patootey niece Arianna was here at home again and although he and she got along just fine all afternoon, when Yanna woke up from her nap and came to me, he started barking!!! To be fair to Bubba, he never attacks, he just barks. Really loudly. Super seloso I swear!!! And so today’s thought bubble is dedicated to my Bugoy 🙂 I bet that’s what goes through his mind whenever I show affection to something/someone else!


Reviving Little Miss Snapshot :-)

When 2009 started, I attempted a photo project 365, which I called ...said Little Miss Snapshot…

However, things happened and I got busy so I never really got to maintain that site. In any case, since then, I have purchased two new cameras, Nikki (my Nikon D40) and Sammy ( my Samsung PL151), and I figured I better put them to good use, right?

When I first got Nikki, I even attended a basic photography class so I can better get to know my camera. However, the day I went to the class was not a very good day for me so I guess I didn’t really get to learn as much as I could.  I know the basic terminology, such as what aperture means, and shutter speed and the like. I also understand how to adjust the settings manually when need be. But what I can’t figure out yet is what setting is best for various situations, such as outdoors, low lighting, portraits and so on and so forth.  I often end up getting a good shot via trial and error! See?

My wish is I get good enough to take one shot and get a good one out of it! Then again, I guess that’s why I’m lucky photography is now digital and no longer reliant on the old type of film!

Meet Sammy, My new Samsung PL 151 camera :-)

Yes, I know it was a splurge, but because I worked hard for it, I finally got myself the dual LCD camera I’ve been eying! Meet Sammy, my new Samsung PL 151 camera.

Sammy :-)

It’s amazingly not as expensive as I had imagined it to be. I settled for the non-touch LCD version because it was MUCH cheaper (almost Php 7,000 cheaper!) than the touch screen one. It’s already has HD video capabilities plus all other features are just as good as the touch screen one.

What I love best is the Beauty Shot feature, although I’m still trying to figure out how not to make it snap as soon as it detects a face! There’s no command to disable the face detect feature when using that setting!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the specs of the Samsung PL 151:

  • 12.4 Megapixels
  • Dual LCD (1.5″ Front, 3.0″ back)
  • Smart Auto 2.0 (Still and Movie)
  • 27 mm Wide, 5x Optical Zoom
  • High Definition Movie Recording
  • Smart Face Recognition
  • Perfect Portrait System (Beauty Shot, Face Detection, Self-Portrait, Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Red-eye Fix)
  • Smart Album
  • Smart Filter
  • Dual Image Stabilazation
  • ISO 3200

It cost Php 13,999 and came with a carrying case, hand strap and a 4 gig microSD card.

I’m liking it a lot so far, although I’m still having difficulty with the beauty shot, as I mentioned. Also, it takes time to process photos in that setting so I need to work on staying still for a good shot 🙂