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Healthy Thirst Quenchers

The summer heat continues to rise and I think all of us are feeling it’s bad effects. Even my poor Bubba seems to be feeling overwhelmed by the stifling heat. I see him breathing more heavily than usual and he’s always panting even if we aren’t doing anything. I always try to keep a fresh bowl of water available for him, but sometimes I have to remind him to drink it up. In the same manner, even though in my head I know I have to be more conscientious in drinking enough water, I often don’t. Add that to the fact that my drink of preference isn’t really water: it’s more of juices and sodas. I know these aren’t great weight loss drinks but I still catch myself drinking more of that compared to water.

While water is the best option, not just in terms of trying to diet but also health wise, there are a lot of healthy alternatives for thirst quenchers. For one, fruit shakes are definitely a better option. Its important though to remember that just because it’s made of fruit it is not fattening. Fruit shakes can actually be full of hidden calories, especially when you add in milk, syrups and sugars. Diet sodas can also be an alternative, although I think given that it is still a soda, it should be taken in moderation as well. Flavored waters and fat-burning are abundant now, but again, these may be sugar laden, so it still needs to be carefully monitored.

I’m still working on trying to incorporate more water to my diet. My only issue is I hate drinking water that isn’t cold, so I am trying my best to not let that be a deterrent for me.