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The Missing Core

It dawned on me today that I have been doing yoga for two months now on a regular basis. Regular meaning twice or thrice a week. It has been a truly enriching and spiritual journey for me, especially since I have discovered both the yin and the yang sides of my practice. On the physical level, I have noticed subtle changes too, especially in the way I move.

One thing that still is missing, however, is my core. Harhar. To be fair, I have always been familiar with my core, especially when I started hooping. Also, despite my size, my midsection is pretty flat considering everything else hehe. That was actually true even when I was searching for the best diet pills that work and the exercises that would guarantee immediate weight loss. Even so, I realized as I have been doing yoga that I still have so much to work on when it comes to my core.

Any tips on how to make engaging (well, keeping it engaged, more succinctly) my core easier??? sigh.

Anyway, lemme head off to yoga in a bit and see if I can get it right today haha.

Clues to the secret of weight loss

Yes, here is another post on losing weight….as you all know, I really am trying to lose weight. After all, look at my before and after (and after again) pictures.

before and after
It hurts to see myself get fat again, especially after finally making it down to a pretty healthy size. Heck, I can even say I was hot back then, wouldn’t you agree? However, because of my hormone problems plus lack of motivation, as well as the more physically sedentary (despite the very high mental activity) lifestyle I live now, I have really packed on the pounds again.

Looking back at those days when I thought I won the battle with obesity, I realized what made me lose all the weight is not really just one thing, it was a combination of several changes I have made. Beyond fat burners, supplements and diet pills, the best weight loss formula is eating in moderation, increasing activity, and being consistent. Weight loss should not be a three-day or one-week thing. It really has to be a committed life change. Right now, that is what I’m struggling with!

Dusting off the good ‘ole treadmill…again!

In the past few days, I have made more of a concrete effort to try to get my body moving in  my quest of losing weight. For one, I’ve been more consistent in walking Bubba, my trusty exercise buddy, around the village and in a faster pace to the point of increasing my heart rate and getting my body to sweat more than the usual. I also have started swimming again, which is really one of my all-time favorite exercises to do.

However, just when I’ve gotten the motivation to do this more regularly, the rains have started to come in! I am trying hard not to use that as an excuse to not exercise so I am dusting off my treadmill and getting back on it. I just kind of dislike this treadmill because it’s not the electric type, so it’s a bit harder to use because the belt doesn’t turn smoothly since it runs on friction alone. Plus I have to keep my hands on the side to be able to propel myself forward, unlike the electric ones which run on its own then you just keep up with it. I don’t know, however, if one type of treadmill is better than the other.

Whatever it may be, I think what is important is that I stop using it as a towel or clothes rack (which it doubles as lately hahaha!) and to just get on it to walk away some pounds.

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