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Gadget Wish-listing

Even though I keep telling myself I will go on a gadget diet, I can’t help but keep a running wishlist of gadgets I wish I had. Sometimes I wish I had an unlimited supply of money so I can just splurge and indulge in my whims. However, I have to face the fact that I have a limit to my gadget supply…which sadly I think I’ve used up till 2012!!!

Seriously though (in case anyone’s listening hehehe!) I have 4 major categories for gadgets that I want.
1. Work gadgets.
2. Gaming gadgets.
3. Communication gadgets
4. Imaging gadgets.

This is my way of rationalizing why I need a new gadget! Save for gaming gadgets, all the others listed above are important tools in helping me achieve tasks in my day-to-day life. However, at this point, that’s the one that’s calling out the most to me. I know that “games” may not necessarily fall into the “need” category, but this one is different! I really don’t have a particular gaming console in mind, but I want to get a ps3 with a Dance, Dance Revolution dance pad in order to help me get back into shape! I honestly cannot dance to save my life, so freeform dancing is something I wanna try, but with the DDR, I can sort of follow the dance steps. I remember back when I had lost weight before, the predecessor of the ps3, the original play station, is what I had used to lose the weight. See, it’s a need, right?