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Welcome To My World of Quasi Sunshine

...if all the sun beams were bubble gum and ice cream, oh what a sun that will be...

People say happiness is a choice. I beg to disagree.

For me, I’d like to think it is a process and not just something you chose to do. It is something that is worked at, very hard, continuously and with conscious effort. It’s something you don’t take for granted or assume, just because you choose it. More than choosing happiness, I think it is about creating your own happiness, and part and parcel of that creation is acknowledging and honoring the sadness that may come along, recognizing its inherent value in the building of your soul. Sure, making a decision comes with the package, but it doesn’t end with just choosing to be happy. It comes with creating what makes you happy and reframing the way things happen around you.

Take this, for example.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate the rain. For me, the rain brings back bits and pieces of bad memories from really traumatic events that have greatly impacted my life. For me, the rain represents so many negative emotions like fear, dread, impending doom. At times, even death. The slightest hint of rain, from gray skies to the rumbling of thunder, always manages to tap into that. And while it may perhaps be a psychosomatic response to the rainy weather, whenever dark skies come and raindrops fall almost endlessly, I always seem to find myself physically debilitated and no amount of antibiotics or any medication would completely make me better. It is as if my physically body is commiserating with my soul, which slowly withers to the point of being at the brink of ‘death’. Read the rest of this entry »

Back from Vacation!

Bubba and I are back from our brief vacation :-)

Before I share about our experience, I’d like to apologize to my loyal contest commentators for the delay in approving your comments because I wasn’t able to check yesterday since we were in the beach. I read them all today though and again, THANKS!

Sadly, it was not as enjoyable as I had hoped it to be because I did not know that the place we went to had a policy against dogs swimming in the beach :-( I assumed that since it was a privately owned beach house in a beach-side community, I wouldn’t have problems. I know most resorts don’t allow for dogs but a home??? Well, apparently I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not faulting the village I went to for the policy, but I wish I had known beforehand so I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

Nonetheless, Bubba and I were able to squeeze in a total of about 20 minutes of beach time before we were ejected (10 on the first, another  10 on my second attempt!!!). I felt bad for him when I’d take him back to the house because he was having so much fun!!! Next time I’ll take him to Balai sa Laiya instead, which is a beach resort in Batangas that allows for him to come and join me :-)

On the way there, it was so funny because I had three of my friends sitting in the backseat of the car, I let Bubba in the car and he refused to leave the drivers seat!!! I should post a photo but it’s still in my friend’s camera! It took some coaxing for him to move to the passengers seat. My friend even jokingly asked if he was insured…or if the car was :-) Now that I plan to take Bubba in more road trips, I guess I should check out cheap insurance quotes that cover not just the car but the driver a.k.a Bubba too!

Happy Feet

Another thing I love about going to the beach is how soft and smooth my skin gets after a quick beach getaway, especially my feet. The sand does wonders for them. My mom says its because the sand works well in exfoliating dead skin, which I guess is quite true since I feel the results. If only I could do it also in my face to remove all the blackheads especially around my nose area!

Seriously, though, the feeling of the sand beneath my feet is such a wonderful feeling. Of course it the sand is rocky, that’s not necessarily true but for the most part, walking barefoot in the sand is one of my most favorite feelings ever. It makes me feel so connected to nature and it touches something deep in my core. I used to tell my therapist that that feeling always gave me a sense of peace and balance which is why whenever I am stressed out, I make sure I head to the beach because by walking barefoot in the sand, I feel so much better. It’s kind of like the negative energy exits my body and is replaced by a sense of positivity and warmth. When my feet are happy, so is the rest of me.

Beach getaway hang-over

I still have a beach get-away hangover. I woke up this morning eager to head out to the beach again only to remember that I’m back home and the only thing waiting for me is a pile of paperwork to accomplish. Nevertheless, much as I wish I was still on vacation, I’m glad I got to have a brief respite from the hustle bustle of everyday. It’s been so hard to free up my schedule to go on a weekend trip to the beach, what with my preschool classes, my teaching load in the university and my writing jobs. I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to see the beach anytime this summer. Finally, I was able to squeeze it in.

Along with my family and a good friend of mine, I spent two days in Punta Fuego in A huge 7 bedroom house, just a street away from the beach, complete with a sun deck and a jacuzzi. I couldn’t use them though because the hot tub was kinda clogged with sand. All that was missing were walk in bathtubs. It would have been great for a nice relaxing bubble bath after a leisurely lounge at the beach.

It was paradise! Sure I had to lug my work with me, but checking papers and grading essays by the beach was still so much better than having to be stuck at my desk, right? It came at just the right time because lately, I’ve been feeling down and burnt out, which tends to be the case when I take on too much work or have too many things on my mind. There’s something about being in the beach that really rests not just my body, but also my tired and weary self. So now I’m all dark and toasty on the outside and on the inside, so bright and shiny all over again :-) Happiness.

Boracay Island: more than just another white beach!


yes....I was once that skinny!!! Next time I go back to Boracay, I better look like that again!!!

For the past few years, my family and I have ushered in the New Year in one of the Philippines’ most famous beaches, Boracay. From the first time I went there, I fell in love with the place, from the soft and powdery white sand to the crystal clear waters. For the most part, I am happy enough lounging in the sand and soaking up the sun, but there are indeed many other exciting activities to explore while on the island.

For one, there is the ever famous Banana Boat ride and it’s sibling ride, the Fly Fish. I personally haven’t tried the latter, but I heard it’s fun but a bit riskier than the banana boat. Of course jet skiing and other water sports are also abundant.

Another interesting thing to try will be parasailing. I did that three years ago (and it was still quite costly then!) and it was definitely one of the most adventurous and exciting things I have ever done. In that same trip, we tried reef walking too. Sadly, I did not have an underwater camera yet at that time.


In my last trip, I discovered that there are places that offer atv riding and what they call Riding the Zorb. The Zorb (author’s note: browsing the net, I found out that the use of the name Zorb is apparently an infringement to the copyright of a New Zealand based company. The ride in Boracay IS NOT affiliated with the original makers/designers/copyrighted company. Thus, ride at your own risk) is a giant inflatable ball  that rolls down a hill with you inside of it. There were two types of balls available, the aqua and the harness balls. I enjoyed the aqua ball immensely! It’s like riding in a giant water slide. On the other hand, the harness was kind of more painful and scary! The ride was quite brief,  just a few seconds long, and somewhat expensive, but the experience was well worth it! It was definitely a fun way to start of 2010!!!

It’s Gonna be a Hot, Happy Summer!

Last Wednesday, I finally bid my preschoolers farewell for the year and yes, summer’s here!!! Much as I love teaching, I really love the reprieve summer brings because a.) I don’t have to wake up so early and b.) I get to do a lot of lounging around with my Bubba, which I don’t often have time to do when there are classes.

For this summer, I hope to be able to take Bubba back to Laiya for our summer bonding trip.
pageyes, yan ang bonding namin. sana nga matuto na siya mag-picture para ako naman nasa shots!

Being part Labrador, he enjoys running around in vast open spaces and he also loves swimming in the water and he’s so cute when he does it!

I really hope we get to go do this soon, maybe for my birthday weekend? :-) Anyway, this is my official entry to Earth’s Blogversary and  Thanksgiving Treat Giveaway where I hope to win a Neutrogena Wave for me and the Pawnaceal All Natural Paw Balm. These two items would be great after the beach trip, too, wouldn’t you think? The last time we went to the beach he ended up with cracked and sore paws because of the hot sand and the rocks that he climbed. I bet that balm would have been a great relief for him. Just take a look at how pitiful he looked then:

Bandaged feet ;-(

As for me, I’ve been dying to get a Neutrogena Wave since I first read about it in Rowena’s blog post a few months back. Earth, the host of this contest, also raved about it both in her blog and during our surfing trip last August. I have not yet gotten one because every time I go to Watson’s to try to get one, it’s either I don’t have enough spare cash for it or there was none. So, now that it’s summertime, I hope that I get this prize so I can care for my skin better and keep it moisturized and thoroughly clean so Bubba and I can continue to have great photo moments like this:

se 004don’t we just look so relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated after our last beach adventure?

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