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Toys of My Childhood

As is the case whenever the weather gets gloomy and blah, I suddenly find myself with the urge to clean up my room. These past few days were no exception! It started out serendipitously, actually, because I was trying to find one of my old stuffed toys to use for my kids yoga classes.  As I unearthed my little boxes of collectibles, I came across my 101 dalmatian set from the kiddie meals of one of the fast food chains. I also found a set of my old Trolls! Gosh I missed that! I remember how that was such a craze before. Then came the adorable albeit slightly strange talking creatures like Furby. I never got the chance to own a Furby Party Rockers Creature anymore because by the time they came out, I was a little too old, but I do remember having an Alf doll once. Hahaha. Just goes to show how old I am! Haha!

Anyway, in my search for toys for my kids yoga classes, I found myself reminiscing and just tapping back into the toys of my childhood. It’s sad, though, that many children do not get to play with toys the way we used to do.  Because of all the more active gadgets they have access to, imaginative play is not always at the forefront. However, this is not necessarily true for all kids. I do see parents still actively choosing non-gadget toys for their children. It is also nice to see these old toys (some maybe even modernized to capture today’s audience) back in the market, whether this be mainstream toy stores or via online shopping portals. I like too how manufacturers of toys of today have more awareness about child safety and the like.  🙂

I never did get to find that stuffed animal I wanted to use for my kids yoga class, but I did come across this purple and teal Furby creature online…it was so cute! Maybe I should just order it, yeah? 🙂 Haha 🙂


So Says the Shopping Queen.

A few weeks ago, I read about the sweetest graduation gift ever on the CBC News site. It was that of a father who spent every year of his daughters education collecting signatures and messages from the girls teachers, coaches, and principals. He had them sign their messages in a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go!

That was definitely the most amazing gift ever. Yes, even for an expert shopper-slash-gift giver like me.  I do pride myself in being a very creative gift giver, from making band-aid notes to painting boxes and so on and so forth, but I don’t think I would have every thought of something like this! I should take a cue from this great dad. All of us should take a cue from him! And so if you’re looking for the best gift to give, whether these be unique gifts for your wife’s birthday, romantic tokens for anniversaries, or memorable presents that will last a lifetime, here are some suggestions from this shopping queen: Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Certified Calm

My first Athleta pants 🙂

Even after I started my yoga practice, I have shied away from the “yoga shops”. Yes, I’m cheap that way hahaha…I still preferred buying my outfits and stuff in the department store or at the surplus shop, or perhaps Forever21 because it was simply much cheaper. However, recently I have discovered the wonder of Lululemon and Athleta apparel, my resolve to not go into these stores are slowly crumbling!!!

Last week there was a sale in Certified Calm, one of THE yoga stores in the city, and almost went gaga 🙂 I did decide, however, to hold off any major purchases until I a.) lose twenty more pounds and b.) finish Yoga Teacher Training. Then I’d have reasons to buy, right?? Hehe. I couldn’t help but think that this is such a far cry from the way I used to shop before. Not only am I getting athletic gear, but before, all I could really afford to do was rummage in the maternity clothes sale bin in a department store because those were the only things that fit me!

Certified Calm can be found at the 3rd Level, Shangrila Mall or look them up on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Certified-Calm/112597488772669

Taking the Sunshine Store Addiction Online!!!

Last night my blogger friend and guru  Pehpot crowned me the Forever 21 princess. Harhar 🙂 Yes, I have done a lot of crazy things because of the Sunshine Store…it has definitely overcome my love for Kamiseta, my affection for Bayo and is now the home of my heart (yes, melodramatic much over shopping!). Funny thing, much as I have become such a F21 fashionista (even to the point that people text me to ask if there’s a sale and whether or not there are stocks available haha), I have no fashion blog yet. Teehee.

Anyway, going back to Pehpot, she is hosting a dot com domain giveaway and of course when I saw the domain that had Forever 21 in it, I knew I wanted it right away 🙂 So please help me take the sunshine store home with me by liking the MAKE OR BREAK PAGE on Facebook ! She is giving away a whole lot of other domain names so do check out the DOT COM Domain Giveaway by Tech Pehpot !

As for me, this Sunshine Store princess has her fingers crossed!!!

When in doubt…shop :)

Many would say when in doubt, dance. Or sing. Or do nothing for that matter. For me, when in doubt, I shop. Haha.

Yes, Little Miss Shopaholic me struck again 🙂 Teeheee. Today I was anxious about a whole bunch of things and so I gave in to the stirring inside of me that yelled, go shopping, go shopping!!! Not the wisest choice, I must say, but I guess all I can say is “oh well…”. Harhar.

Seriously though, I kinda needed the outfit (mwihihi…do you see me rationalizing now??? Ohonoooess!!!). I need it for an upcoming presentation that I have to make in about two weeks. I know I could have used the time to write my paper or work more on the other stuff that needs to be accomplished but well…I needed something to get my mind off the intellectual stuff and just chill for a bit.

So I headed down to the bright sunshine store (also known as Forever 21 that always, always makes me smile 🙂 Yep…I drove all the way to Megamall just to visit the Sunshine Store.

To make a long story short, a quick shopping spree left me with a mini dent in my credit card. Egaaaad. Suffice it to say I got the most fabulous pantsuit that I cannot wait to wear. To be fair, I stopped myself from picking out too many accessories for the outfit…at least for now!!! I sure would love a nice pair of earrings, kinda inspired like those royal wedding earrings Kate Middleton wore when she married Prince William, although I think big gold hoops would look much better with the outfit.

Now…as for the other stuff I bought…there is no redemption for that… 🙂 But lemme just say that little spot of sunshine sure made my day 🙂


Lookit lookit!!! Yeeeey!!! I finally found the shirt I was looking for.

Since I discovered yoga one of my dear friends has been calling me  Yogi Bear and so when I saw one of my friends from yoga wearing this shirt, I immediately said it was soooo bagay me!!! Hehe. Problem is she had bought it in Robinsons in Gen San! Today one of my other yoga friends was wearing this and she was like, go get one too!!! And so I did haha.  Like I said, I’ve been wanting this shirt for the longest time, and while yes, my friend Angie was right when she said “you, a t-shirt, Ri???”, and yeah, I really don’t wear T-shirts like these very often but this was too cute to pass  up 🙂

Immazooohappy 🙂

Random bits of sunshine on this rainy day 🙂

Twice the Fun, Twice the Memories with Samsung2View Cameras


Samsung 2View Cameras

One of my most impulsive purchases (well, next to the iPad I should say haha) was Sammy, my Samsung dual LCD camera. I was just out in Eastwood to meet up with a friend when I strolled into the Samsung store and fell in love with the unit. Without really contemplating the decision much, I whipped out my credit card and became Sammy’s proud new owner. While I may have some regrets about the way I casually spent a huge chunk of my savings, I have truly enjoyed all the fun memories the 2View camera has helped me capture, especially since I love doing selfies with my dog, Bubba 🙂

The front LCD that these cameras feature allows  anyone to take not just great self/couples portraits, but it also has a child mode feature that makes taking pictures of kids (which was very helpful in my former preschool teaching job!) and even my pets so much easier. When set on child mode, a cartoon video appears on the screen which the child can watch so you can capture them looking directly at the lens. Anyone who’s tried to shoot a baby will attest to how difficult it is! The Samsung2View camera, lessens this difficulty.

Another great feature in the various Samsung 2View camera models, specifically the ST700, PL170, PL120, is what is called the Jump Shot mode.

Samsung 2View Cameras with Jump Shot feature

When set on this, one can see through the front LCD when exactly to time their jump shots so as to capture the moment at it’s finest. After all, jump shots are soooo hard to capture, right?

I’ve written several posts in the past about why I love this camera so much so I guess I can say that despite it having been an impulsive buy on my part, it was well worth the investment.  🙂

Recently, however, I came across this Facebook contest where two of these Samsung 2View cameras are at stake!

Oooh….I would love to upgrade to one of these newer models!!!  The mechanics are quite simple, all you need to do are the following:

1. Like and Share the Samsung Camera fan page to your friends.

click the like button to join!!!

2. Update your status by posting the following message:  “Win Samsung 2View Cameras by liking and sharing @Samsung Cameras PH” in your status message box.  Be sure to note though if the Samsung Camera fan page is tagged correctly.

3. Promo is from May 15, 2011 to May 30, 2011 only, so tag away now!!!

That’s it! All tagged entries will qualify for the raffle where two winners will get a chance to win a Samsung 2View Camera.

Good luck to us all!!! 🙂 Promise, these cameras are so much fun…and yes, the dual LCD makes it twice the fun as it captures not just precious memories, you definitely will have that extra moment of fun WHILE capturing the photo through the 2View screens!!!

Do check out this video to learn more about these awesome cameras


What is sexy?

What is sexy?

A friend of mine recently told me that when he saw my profile picture on Facebook, it was such a far cry from the Ria he used to know.  He went on to say that he remembered how whenever we’d go around on trips and he’d try to shoot me, it was very difficult because I’d always get self-conscious. At that time, there was no way on earth you’d make me do a jump shot or something like this!

You see, much as many do not believe it, I am such a shy and insecure individual, someone who never was comfortable in her own skin and never trusted in her own abilities. For the longest time, I was content being in the background, hiding behind the shadows of what was familiar. Earlier this year, however, I discovered the practice of yoga and it has changed my life immensely, not just on the physical aspect.

This picture for me captures what sexy is…

Being sexy goes beyond the exterior…it’s being able to find that bit of confidence in you that allows you to let go of fear and to believe in yourself, to trust in your own abilities and potentials, and to know that you have the power in you to be the best you possible. It goes beyond fitting into a size 0-2 but comes with being able to love yourself inside and out, no matter what size, shape or condition you may be in.

Okay, you might wonder where this post is coming from..teehee. Let me back track a bit. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Samsung Notebook Series 9, which is touted as the sexiest netbook in the market nowadays. With a sleek and sexy design and specs that is sure to wow you, it is definitely one drool-worthy gadget.


Samsung Netbook Series 9

Samsung Netbook Series 9

What makes this such a great netbook is that it definitely  makes PC sexy as this small yet powerful gadget boasts of PC worthy specs. Just look:

  • Ultra Slim Profile at 0.64”
  • Lightweight Body at 2.86lbs.
  • Stunning display at 400NIT
  • Intel Core i5-2537M Processor
  • (1.40GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 3MB cache memory)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • 128GB Solid State Drive
  • 13.3-inch LED Hi-Definition (400NIT, Non-Gloss) Screen with SuperBrightPlus Technology
  • Built-in 1.3 Megapixel Hi-Definition Webcam
  • Built-in Bluetooth Version 3.0 Hi-Speed
  • Chargeable 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, MicroSD Card Slot
  • Surround Sound 3D Sound Effect
  • Arch Flow Design, Black Chassis, Made from Duralumin (2x Stronger than Aluminum)
  • 3 Years Warranty (1 Year International, 2 Years Local)

During it’s April 28 launch, guests were asked to  define sexy. Check out this video and see what they had to say:

The Samsung Notebook Series 9 is said to retail for about Php 79,000 (wowza!) but if you’d like to take a chance and try to win one for yourself, simply click on the app and  register on Samsung Notebook Series 9: Sexy Street Style Facebook fanpage and follow these easy-peasy steps:

  • Upload a stylish photo in of yourself that defines what sexy for you is.
  • Write about your personal definition of sexy.
  • Ask your friends to vote for your sexy photo entry.
  • Make it your profile picture in Facebook

Sexiest photos get a chance to win either a Samsung Notebook Series 9 or a Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, or Randy Ortiz designer wear. Check out my entry in their gallery…I hope you can support me by liking it!!! I so would love to win that super sexy lappy!!!