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Toys of My Childhood

As is the case whenever the weather gets gloomy and blah, I suddenly find myself with the urge to clean up my room. These past few days were no exception! It started out serendipitously, actually, because I was trying to find one of my old stuffed toys to use for my kids yoga classes.  As I unearthed my little boxes of collectibles, I came across my 101 dalmatian set from the kiddie meals of one of the fast food chains. I also found a set of my old Trolls! Gosh I missed that! I remember how that was such a craze before. Then came the adorable albeit slightly strange talking creatures like Furby. I never got the chance to own a Furby Party Rockers Creature anymore because by the time they came out, I was a little too old, but I do remember having an Alf doll once. Hahaha. Just goes to show how old I am! Haha!

Anyway, in my search for toys for my kids yoga classes, I found myself reminiscing and just tapping back into the toys of my childhood. It’s sad, though, that many children do not get to play with toys the way we used to do.  Because of all the more active gadgets they have access to, imaginative play is not always at the forefront. However, this is not necessarily true for all kids. I do see parents still actively choosing non-gadget toys for their children. It is also nice to see these old toys (some maybe even modernized to capture today’s audience) back in the market, whether this be mainstream toy stores or via online shopping portals. I like too how manufacturers of toys of today have more awareness about child safety and the like.  🙂

I never did get to find that stuffed animal I wanted to use for my kids yoga class, but I did come across this purple and teal Furby creature online…it was so cute! Maybe I should just order it, yeah? 🙂 Haha 🙂


Oh How I Love Thee,MMDA App!

What is the best app ever? (Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you do get my point, yeah? :)) The MMDA app is one of the most amazing apps I have on my iPad. However, it seems to no longer work very well with the iPad 1 and I was trying to download the updated version but I can’t. Anyway, I do access the MMDA site via the web instead and immediately I get updates with the traffic on the road.

One thing I really love about this MMDA being on social media is the fact that they are so interactive, unlike the one from the other highway group that lack that social interaction. With the MMDA people, I don’t think I have ever Tweeted a question and not gotten a response. Not only do I get a response, but response time is pretty quick. So that’s pretty awesome. Lastly, I love how the people who respond to queries has a great sense of humor…just look…


Time Flies…

Warning….this is gonna be one of those random posts.

I’m so busy lately, it isn’t funny. I’m so busy I can barely think straight. It isn’t right 🙁 Time just keeps on slipping by it seems. I can never manage my time right anymore. BOOO.

Don’t get me wrong…I am grateful for all the things that are going on. I guess it means that I’m working, right, and therefore doing something right 🙂 Hehe. See, random.

Anyway, today I decided to take a day off. All I did was yoga, eat, and sleep 🙂 Heaven. Days like these deserve one of those fantasy trophies to commemorate it’s specialness 🙂

Anyhoo…the next week is gonna be a hectic one again. Let’s see how I manage this. Wish me luck.

So Says the Shopping Queen.

A few weeks ago, I read about the sweetest graduation gift ever on the CBC News site. It was that of a father who spent every year of his daughters education collecting signatures and messages from the girls teachers, coaches, and principals. He had them sign their messages in a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go!

That was definitely the most amazing gift ever. Yes, even for an expert shopper-slash-gift giver like me.  I do pride myself in being a very creative gift giver, from making band-aid notes to painting boxes and so on and so forth, but I don’t think I would have every thought of something like this! I should take a cue from this great dad. All of us should take a cue from him! And so if you’re looking for the best gift to give, whether these be unique gifts for your wife’s birthday, romantic tokens for anniversaries, or memorable presents that will last a lifetime, here are some suggestions from this shopping queen: Read the rest of this entry »

Missing Robee…

Now that classes are right around the corner (well, technically I’m three weeks in already since I teach in a trimestral system), I suddenly remembered the last minute back-to-school shopping stuff that I do. One thing that came to mind was my shopping trips at Robee stickers. That used to be a store in the corner right in front of San Lorenzo Village in Makati, but now they have been reduced to little kiosks in selected malls (which, I must say, can be a bit hard to find). I loved getting my name stickers there. Nowadays, however, there are a lot of options online and that has been a good alternative. Besides the regular sticker labels, there are also pressure sensitive labels (which can be personalized) available.

Besides the sticker names, Robee also had a whoooole lot of cute stickers, like the Lisa Frank ones that I used to love. How can one not miss a store filled with cuteness???? 🙂


I Miss Gadget Shopping

I will probably be the first to admit that I am an impulsive gadget shopper. Apple, my Macbook, for example, was purchased on a whim. Piper, my iPad, was also something I got out of the blue. Same story goes for Cerise, the first ever phone I bought (since I always get a free unit from Smart since I am a loyal subscriber) and my iPoad classic. However, since I have gotten older (I guess!) and priorities changed, I seem to have my gadget impulsivity at bay.

I do miss shopping for a bright new shiny gadget, I swear. I miss the thrill of opening it up, peeling off that protective plastic layer and just enjoying the smell and feel of it. I’d love an ipod touch or perhaps an iMac for example. Or a Canon S-series camera.

In terms of priorities however, I am keeping the gadget shopping at bay. I need my moolah for yoga teacher training. Any sponsors wanna pay for training instead? Or perhaps give me a gadget to play with? Har 🙂

Starbucks Christmas Craziness

It has officially begun…the Starbucks Christmas Craziness 🙂 Every year, like clockwork, I go all gaga over the holiday promos and beverages of Starbucks, and more importantly, I get all excited for the annual planner Starbucks offers.

This is one of five planner designs available this year. I’m so thankful to my friends because they helped me get this quite quickly! Hehe. I admit that I do not really get to use the planners much because I’m not much of a planner, so to speak, but I do have this extensive Starbucks collection. I have about 80 Starbucks mugs and tumblers from all over the world and of course, the yearly planners since 2005. They’re all kept in the cupboard at home but soon they’ll need more space! I wish I had one of those glass cases like in schools that can hold those  sports trophies so I can display them properly. As for now, the cupboards got to do 🙂


The only thing that I can think of to explain my crazy little Joe’s behavior is that he’s discombobulated. Either that or he’s just plain old stoopid. Har.

Seriously….my Bubba never gave me this much trouble. In the last three weeks or so look what he’s chewed on:

Let’s not forget the pair of Havianas, the red shoes, and x number of pencils he has chewed on. Oh…and my leggings that I went to school with that had holes in them apparently. Duh.

Today he bit of Baby Jesus’ head from our little altar. Sigh. Hehe.

I got to thinking why he seems so hard to train, or perhaps where in the process I am going wrong in housebreaking him. Up to now, he still is minimally housebroken and he chews on EVERYTHING.

My mom says I have to discipline him more consistently. The thing is, I DO! Every time I catch him doing something like chew on my phone or nibble on wires, I spank him and punish him. The thing is I think I give him mixed signals. After I scold him, I give him a bit of a punishment and then later on, I give him something to chew on, like a chew toy or the like. Maybe he’s not getting the idea that there are some things that CAN be chewed on and others that CANNOT be chewed on.

Maybe because I allow him to chew on them in the first place, he thinks the act is okay.Thus I place him in a state of discombobulation…on one hand I say no but on the other, I say yes. Ewan. Basta all I know is that I don’t know what to do right now 🙁  Send me Cesar Milan please.