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Gadget Drooling

I know I shouldn’t but…


photo as seen on sonyinsider.com

sigh sigh siiiiigh.

I have always liked Sony cameras for some reason, even if all the fora say otherwise. Even the low end ones, I loved. However, it was always a little more expensive than the counterpart from Canon or Olympus or what not so I never owned one. Not that I don’t like Sammy and Nikki…but the Sony cameras have always been so super drool worthy.This one is said to be shock proof, water proof, sand proof,dust proof, and even freeze proof (errr…not that I’ll really need that here in the Philippines, unless of course I decide to go into a long term food storage facility for some crazy, insane reason, right? haha).

Another drool worthy camera, in my opinion, is the Canon G12. I sooooo love it. My cousin has one and it’s just soooo fabulous. I love the the flexibility the LCD has and how it is still light and compact (compared to Nikki) despite the powerful features.

Sigh. And so tonight I will drool and dream of all these nice new gadgets. Oh…and let’s not forget that rumored iPad coming out on March 2. Egaaaad.

Meet Piper :)

Oh dear Lord what have I done….

After saying I WILL NOT GIVE IN and buy yet another expensive gadget to play with, yesterday I found myself in the mall and it wasn’t long before my every trusty handy dandy credit card popped out of my wallet and found it’s way to the card swiper. Before I knew it, I had just toinked myself with another impulsive purchase.

Meet my iPad, Piper (errrr…corny much but yes, Piper…pronounced as pee-per…kasi isa siyang bonggang bonggang soshaling pad piper ba. teeeheeeheee. yes, rationalizing works :)).

Okay, the cognitive part of my brain is screaming “Why oh why, Ria” but…sometimes, we just do things that don’t make sense, right? Haha. Before I left the mall, I also made sure that I had a few basic essentials to keep Piper brand-spankin’ new and beautiful. First off I got a screen protector, which I realize is very important especially now that I have long nails. Errr…and let’s not forget how Bubba once accidentally scratched my camera’s LCD, right? I also went to get a one of those cases for it.

I really wanted a sleeve like one of these padded colorful bags/sleeves to match Apple’s case.

However,  I couldn’t find one that I liked and I was too tired to go to Rustan’s or Bratpack to check so I ended up with a lovely red faux leather case from the tiangge area of ATC. What I like about Apple’s sleeve is that it is not only so super cute, but it also has that extra padding that would protect my laptop. The one I got is kinda hard and padded, too, so I went with it.  Plus I love the color haha. But the one’s I really want are the neoprene kind. I actually wanted this whole set from Hellolulu because it has a thicker and more protective material, but like I said, I was too tired to go far and to look around to get one like this one:

They also have other products such as camera bags and travel accessories that will surely protect gadgets and luggage when in transit. I like that they’re lightweight,  compact and quite stylish I must say! 🙂 Add to that, it sure is a more environmentally friendly alternative to my typical collection of ziplock bags for traveling hehe. Lookit!

cute black and pink DSLR bag for Nikki 🙂

mutli pouches for chargers, plugs and all other "abubot"

gotta love the two in one shopping/tote bags 🙂

Besides Rustan’s and Bratpack, Hellolulu bags and accessories can be purchased at The Travel Club, Crossings / The Ramp, Duty Free – Fiesta Mall, Fashion Rack – Naia 3, Islands & More, Fullybooked and Le Grand Boutique – Naia 3. Do feel free to post comments or questions about Hellolulu here and I’ll try to help you out with the answers 🙂

I’m sooo happy with my new toy even if my credit card hates me right about now teeeheeeeheeee 🙂

Sammy Makes Me Pretty :)

Pardon the random post….

Not too long ago a blog reader asked me if I was happy with my Samsung PL151 digital camera. I’ve posted several reviews already in the past and now that I’ve had Sammy for about eight months now, I can safely say it is a pretty good point and shoot. Sure, nothing compared to the more beefed up models available now, but for basic purposes, it’s good.

The things I don’t like about Sammy are as follows:

  • sometimes it’s soooo slow….thus, I miss shots
  • it does very little with low light, but the beauty shot compensates well for low lighting. It’s just hard to stay still for long haha
  • I don’t know if it’s just because of my settings, but I don’t like the dimensions of the photos. Haha. Random I tell ya. I’m too lazy to figure it out though.

What I like about it are:

  • Look how clear and smooth your skin can look when you use the beauty shot! (Yes…in reality, my skin isn’t that fabulous. This makes me look like I don’t even need moisturizer but…um…lately because I have been trying out new facial cleansing products and having problems with my period, I kinda have been breaking out much…um….lemme go check out those therapores reviews and cleansing creams whatever…haha
  • How can you go wrong with the dual LCD I tell ya?!?
  • it also takes great HD videos.
  • It doesn’t cost very much 🙂
  • and best of all…Sammy makes me pretty.

Ktnxbai 🙂

Project Happiness

I think it goes beyond saying that everyone is on a continuous quest for happiness. The thing is, we tend to think to focus on things that aren’t going well for us or that need to be done better that we miss out on the little bits and pieces of happiness that come our way.

For me, I think I miss out on a lot because I tend to overthink things and to put too much value into what others are saying rather than what is important to me. I also tend to push aside things I WANT for what I THINK is right. For others, the reason why happiness is elusive is because they are too driven by what society dictates that they are no longer able to enjoy what is present for them.

I think the important elements of being truly happy include finding what your passion really is, nurturing your soul and caring for your self along the way. I do recognize, however, that living up to these is a different story. So today I draw inspiration from a fellow blogger friend of mine, Iris, who, despite all the challenges around her, is making a conscious effort to work on her Project Happiness. For her, this comes in the form of being a baker with her online bake shop, Project Happiness Bakehouse. With this project, she explores her creative side and does what it is that makes her truly happy: bake all these beautiful and yummmy cupcakes and pastries. Her masterpieces are not just ordinary cakes but personalized and perfect for themed parties (do contact her if you need a wholesaler for a special occasion). Although I can see her decision to do this has not been a bed of roses all the time, I think it truly makes her happy, so that’s all that counts.

Olay is it!

Since I hit 30, I noticed that my skin was not as good as it used to be. Yes, I know that that’s a typical sign of aging, but for some reason, it was only in my 30’s that I had to deal with pimples, blackheads and all sorts of skin problems that are usually associated with adolescence. Througout my younger days, I really never had those concerns and even though I had ugly hair and was overweight, one thing I was proud of was that I had good skin.

So anyway, for the longest time I was trying to find a good product to use for my face. I’ve always been a soap-and-water kind of gal, but now it wasn’t working. At first, I tried the new products in the market, such as Celeteque, but I was not hiyang to it. I also tried Cetaphil, but was not satisfied. I splurged on a Neutrogena wave, and that worked at first but later on I think my skin got irritated with the vibrating pulses of the wave and it became kinda oily and shiny. I swiped a bar of Dove from my lola’s closet and that worked fine, but not as good as my latest discovery…Olay Body Bars.

From the first time I saw the ads for Olay body bars, I knew I wanted to try it but cheapskate me as always was hesitant to buy something I had not tested (especially since compared to other soaps, it’s a bit more expensive). I even joined the Olay contest on Facebook so I can try it, but sadly, I was not able to claim my Olay loot. Lucky for me, a kind hearted blogger friend of mine, Meikah, shared her stash with me and I discovered the perfect match for my skin care woes. Now that I know it suits me, I will definitely purchase this next time I go to the grocery. I hope that when I do, the Buy 2 Take 1 sale/promo of Olay will still be available!

Meet Sammy, My new Samsung PL 151 camera :-)

Yes, I know it was a splurge, but because I worked hard for it, I finally got myself the dual LCD camera I’ve been eying! Meet Sammy, my new Samsung PL 151 camera.

Sammy :-)

It’s amazingly not as expensive as I had imagined it to be. I settled for the non-touch LCD version because it was MUCH cheaper (almost Php 7,000 cheaper!) than the touch screen one. It’s already has HD video capabilities plus all other features are just as good as the touch screen one.

What I love best is the Beauty Shot feature, although I’m still trying to figure out how not to make it snap as soon as it detects a face! There’s no command to disable the face detect feature when using that setting!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the specs of the Samsung PL 151:

  • 12.4 Megapixels
  • Dual LCD (1.5″ Front, 3.0″ back)
  • Smart Auto 2.0 (Still and Movie)
  • 27 mm Wide, 5x Optical Zoom
  • High Definition Movie Recording
  • Smart Face Recognition
  • Perfect Portrait System (Beauty Shot, Face Detection, Self-Portrait, Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Red-eye Fix)
  • Smart Album
  • Smart Filter
  • Dual Image Stabilazation
  • ISO 3200

It cost Php 13,999 and came with a carrying case, hand strap and a 4 gig microSD card.

I’m liking it a lot so far, although I’m still having difficulty with the beauty shot, as I mentioned. Also, it takes time to process photos in that setting so I need to work on staying still for a good shot 🙂

Bubba’s Improvised Cooling Vest

As the temperature continues to rise, we all are feeling the brunt of Mother Nature and no, Bubba is not exempt from it. I feel so helpless when I see him breathing hard because of the heat and how uneasy he gets as he tries to find a cool spot to rest in. Then I remembered that I once saw a dog cooling vest in a store somewhere here in Manila but I couldn’t afford it. It was around Php 5,000.  However, as the heat intensified, I began to reconsider that decision.

I turned to the ever trusty Google search engine and typed in dog cooling vest then I saw a whole bunch of options. All, however, still ranged from $50-100 plus shipping. I was set to get the Php 5,000 one but then inspiration struck! I remembered that I was able to avail once of a six pack chill-bag from Kamiseta (when they still had promos for purchases made!). I filled 2 water bottles with ice (I also prepared some in the freezer! Now I have several empty plastic bottles that have iced over!) and stuck it in two of the sleeves. In the middle, I put one of those resuable ice packs.

Violá! My own cooling pack…all for free!!! 🙂 I tried it for a while and it did help make me feel cooler. I put it against Bubba and I think he was relieved. I liked how the chill bag didn’t get soggy and wet ( I had tried a pillowcase once, but ended up making a mess because as the ice melted, well…you get the point!) although it did get damp.

The only drawback of this compared to a vest is that I can’t strap it on him. The vest would be great for a beach trip or a walk when it’s hot, don’t you think? Hopefully I can find a more affordable option soon.

For a homemade product, however, I’ll give this an A for effort!

Bubba’s Healthy Skin Buddy


I remember the first time I took Bubba to the beach. He had a blast. However, by the time we got home, he was running a very high fever and he could barely walk. I thought it was just exhaustion or perhaps sore paws because he was not used to the sand. But by the next morning, his fever was worse and he couldn’t stand anymore. I rushed him to the vet and found out that he had cut up his feet REALLY BADLY by climbing the rocks in front of La Luz beach resort in Laiya. We had fun climbing up and getting our photo taken, but I didn’t realize the repercussions of it to his feet.

The vet gave him antibiotics, both oral and via injection and instructed me to treat it with a skin antibiotic. Since then, whenever he would get hot spots or wounds, I would use the same skin antibiotic and it worked fine.

However, earlier this year, I joined my blogger friend Earth’s blogversary contest and I won a pot of Pawnacea All-Natural Paw Balm from Project Lightning and since then, it has become Bubba’s new healthy skin buddy! Whenever I notice a hot spot starting in Bubba, I treat it with a small amount of balm and it really makes it better in no time. I’ve been trying to document this in photos but I’ve never had the opportunity to do so, but in general, it took about 2-3 days for the spots to dry up and heal.

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