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Feeding My Guilty Pleasure with Nice Print Photography

aminin….we all have our guilty pleasures right??? πŸ™‚

Well, granted that we all have guilty pleasures, let me share one of mine today.

Much as it makes me nostalgic and sometimes a wee bit (weeeee lang, just a little!) envious, I can’t help but look at random wedding photos. Be it celebrity weddings or that of friends, or even that of strangers especially since so many photographers have their own websites and Facebook pages, I get a rush looking through these photos.

Recently I stumbled upon Nice Print Photography and it was just…love πŸ™‚ I saw the John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles celebrity wedding photos and it was just beautiful. You know how people say “damang dama sa litrato yung pagmamahal” (you can feel the love with the photograph)? With these photos, it’s true. See, look at it:

What would a wedding be without the AVP, right? Nice Print Photography also makes such great on-site videos that are just captivating. This is the one from the Estrada-Meirelles nuptials:

When I do get married, I would love to have an international destination wedding photographer to capture all the special moments of that momentous day and although that may not be in the near future, I will keep Nice Print Photography in my list of possibilities. Like they say, when you send out messages to the Universe, it listens, right? So this is me saying: on my wedding day, I will have a rockin’ good photographer to shoot me πŸ™‚ Yey.

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Sammy Makes Me Pretty :)

Pardon the random post….

Not too long ago a blog reader asked me if I was happy with my Samsung PL151 digital camera. I’ve posted several reviews already in the past and now that I’ve had Sammy for about eight months now, I can safely say it is a pretty good point and shoot. Sure, nothing compared to the more beefed up models available now, but for basic purposes, it’s good.

The things I don’t like about Sammy are as follows:

  • sometimes it’s soooo slow….thus, I miss shots
  • it does very little with low light, but the beauty shot compensates well for low lighting. It’s just hard to stay still for long haha
  • I don’t know if it’s just because of my settings, but I don’t like the dimensions of the photos. Haha. Random I tell ya. I’m too lazy to figure it out though.

What I like about it are:

  • Look how clear and smooth your skin can look when you use the beauty shot! (Yes…in reality, my skin isn’t that fabulous. This makes me look like I don’t even need moisturizer but…um…lately because I have been trying out new facial cleansing products and having problems with my period, I kinda have been breaking out much…um….lemme go check out those therapores reviews and cleansing creams whatever…haha
  • How can you go wrong with the dual LCD I tell ya?!?
  • it also takes great HD videos.
  • It doesn’t cost very much πŸ™‚
  • and best of all…Sammy makes me pretty.

Ktnxbai πŸ™‚

Sammy’s Great Beauty Shot Feature

I’ve written about my Samsung PL151 several times already but I can’t help but re-emphasize how much I love the beauty shot feature this camera has. I think several other Samsung models have the same feature, but I don’t know about other brands.

What I like about the Beauty Shot setting is that it retouches and clears up your face a whole lot. And it auto adjusts to the lighting in the area so you are almost always guaranteed a good portrait shot. I like how it makes your skin look so flawlessly smooth and clear. It’s kinda like having a built in automatic photoshop program in it! Plus, since its automatic, it does it all on it’s own. I swear it makes your skin look so good, it would seem that you had airbrushed on your make up or had really good acne treatment products which cleared up your skin to the highest heavens! Take a look at some of these shots:

Nice, right? However, the downside to this setting is that it is quite sensitive to movement, especially indoors. It takes a long time to process the shot so since you tend to be holding the camera at arms length (using the front lcd for self-portraits) you often end up with blurry shots, such as the last one. It takes some getting used to it, but I found that setting it on a tripod or the table helps greatly, but it kinda defeats the some of the dual LCD’s purpose, right? Nonetheless, I still love my Sammy to bits!

Do I recommend getting this? Well, if you’re looking for a basic point and shoot with fun features, this is a good enough choice. Plus it’s generally affordable, ranging from 10,999-13,999 for the PL series. The touch screen versions of the dual lcd Samsung cameras run up to about 21,999 as of the last time I checked.

Today’s Thought Bubble: Chirp Chirp Chirp.

’nuff said.


Meet Sammy, My new Samsung PL 151 camera :-)

Yes, I know it was a splurge, but because I worked hard for it, I finally got myself the dual LCD camera I’ve been eying! Meet Sammy, my new Samsung PL 151 camera.

Sammy :-)

It’s amazingly not as expensive as I had imagined it to be. I settled for the non-touch LCD version because it was MUCH cheaper (almost Php 7,000 cheaper!) than the touch screen one. It’s already has HD video capabilities plus all other features are just as good as the touch screen one.

What I love best is the Beauty Shot feature, although I’m still trying to figure out how not to make it snap as soon as it detects a face! There’s no command to disable the face detect feature when using that setting!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the specs of the Samsung PL 151:

  • 12.4 Megapixels
  • Dual LCD (1.5″ Front, 3.0″ back)
  • Smart Auto 2.0 (Still and Movie)
  • 27 mm Wide, 5x Optical Zoom
  • High Definition Movie Recording
  • Smart Face Recognition
  • Perfect Portrait System (Beauty Shot, Face Detection, Self-Portrait, Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Red-eye Fix)
  • Smart Album
  • Smart Filter
  • Dual Image Stabilazation
  • ISO 3200

It cost Php 13,999 and came with a carrying case, hand strap and a 4 gig microSD card.

I’m liking it a lot so far, although I’m still having difficulty with the beauty shot, as I mentioned. Also, it takes time to process photos in that setting so I need to work on staying still for a good shot πŸ™‚

Coron: My Must-Visit Travel DiscOVIry!

A few days after my Coron trip earlier this month, I came across several calls for entries to the OVI contests hosted by several bloggers. I quickly scanned my set of photos taken from the trip and selected a few then sent it in to Maki of makieduardo.com.

A few days later, I got the great news! I was the Week 2 Travel DiscOVIries Winner!

I sent in my entry via my OVI email, which is one of the mechanics of the contest. As far as I know, there’s still a week or two in the contest run, but the themes change per week. Anyway, here was what I shared with Maki and why Coron is definitely a Must-Visit Travel DiscOVIry:

There are so many gorgeous places in the Philippines and I was lucky enough to be able to go to Coron, Palawan for a second time this year. This island, which is part of the Calamian group of islands, is definitely a Must-visit travel destination!

kayangan 1

When in Coron, one must definitely go see Kayangan Lake. While the trek to the lake can be a bit physically demanding, it definitely is worth the effort. Half-way through your climb you can detour a bit to the left from the rest area where there is a cave and across, the fabulous view of the island. When you finally make it to the top, you will once again be greeted by serene blue waters and beautiful greens all around.

kayangan 2

Island hopping is also a must-do in this must-visit travel destination. Snorkling in Siete Picados is amazing, but even more than that, there is an actual shipwreck of an old Japanese war ship in what the boatmen would call Skeleton Island. If you look close enough and the waters still, you can see the bow of the sunken ship from your banka.

sunken ship

For a beach bum like me, Coron is an island paradise.

atuwayan 1

Atuwayan beach is a little strip of beach near the shipwreck site and it is a perfect destination for a liesurely afternoon soak in the sun, or sea if you’d prefer. There are many other beaches to go to (last year I went to Banol Beach) but what I liked about Atuwayan is that it is really isolated and quiet. The water is so clear that even if you don’t have snorkels, you can see the fish swimming around you πŸ™‚ Be careful though as there are some sea urchins around.

atuwayan 2

Any trip to an island would not be complete without catching the sunset. Coron is definitely no exception. By the pier, all you can do is sit back and watch the amazing beauty of nature right in front of your eyes.


There are still so many other beautiful places in Coron, like the Twin Lagoon, Maquinit Lake and so much more, but this entry is longer than a blog post already πŸ™‚ Let me end with saying, however, that for me, Coron should be your next must-visit travel destination.

Time to Change the World.

The easiest thing to do in the world is to complain… to complain about how corrupt our government is, to complain how bad things are, to complain how what others should do to change things. But the one thing we fail to do is look at what WE can do to change things.

I believe strongly in the statement that change begins with one’s self. If we start to make little changes in our own behaviors and attitudes, then we can start to live in a better world. It’s very much like wanting to get well or be healed from an affliction or illness. If we don’t take steps to get better, such as take it easy, rest or take medications, we won’t get well. This is true, too, for the world we live in. If we keep complaining and do nothing, then change can’t happen.

So, here I am, taking an important first step to making change happen. How? From this day on, I will make it a point to find the silver lining in every cloud, as clichΓ© as that may be. Rather than focusing on negativity, I will be positive. This is inspired by a good friend of mine who has even started a blog to share to the world how important it is to, in her words, frame things in sunlight. Her self-advocacy is to promote positivity. And to spread this advocacy, she hosted a contest entitled Heal the World: A Positive Photo Blog Contest that encourages us all to also see things framed in sunlight. I sure have. This is my contribution to healing our world. Come join me.