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Living Green At Nuvali

Not too long ago, on the way to a beach trip to Punta Fuego, my friends and I took a short detour around Nuvali, a relatively new development around the growing city of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I was amazed at how beautiful it was, not only because of the structures, but also on how it was able to keep a very “green” facade to it all. My friend Sandy told me that more than just keeping the greens, the area even recycles water and really values environmental sustainability. This is a refreshing change from the usual goals of modern development, wouldn’t you think?

At first I thought it was merely a commercial center (we passed by the area where there were outlet stores and restaurants) but apparently I was wrong πŸ™‚ Amidst the 1,750-hectare metropolis, complete with educational, recreational and leisure establishments, is Avida Village Nuvali.

Avida Village Nuvali also features a multi-purpose hall, basketball court, swimming pool and play area, and several pocket parks. Plus it has interconnected alleys and accessible neighborhood stores. With living green as a priority in Nuvali, everything is designed with not just aesthetics in mind, but functionality as well. As such, the need to depend on cars or private vehicles is greatly reduced. Imagine living in a community where you are not bothered by the sounds of tricycles at all times of day? πŸ™‚

Homes in Avida Village Nuvali range from a 88-200 sqm lot area, which makes it perfect for first-time buyers and young families alike. And though Sta. Rosa, Laguna may sound far away, it is only a 30 minute drive away from Makati πŸ™‚

Clean Your House with Wonder Cleaners

One of my favorite television shows on the Lifestyle Network is Clean House, which stars the over-the-top comedienne/TV host Nicey Nash. I love how she and her team are able to clean up even the largest of messes.

Like many of her guests, I am one of those many people who tend to keep too much clutter in my space. Be it my workspace in school, or my bedroom at home, I have an overflow of stuff! Not that it’s not clean, it’s just cluttered. I’m lucky that I still live with family so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up the house on my own, especially since we still have a helper on hand. As such, I have a clean house, albeit highly cluttered!

However, every now and then I think we need extra help to clean up the home, especially after holidays and parties. This is also true for general cleaning which includes vacuuming upholstery, de-cluttering, and polishing silver. These aren’t things we do everyday and sometimes, these are tasks that are so monumental that we put it aside repeatedly.

In comes WonderCleaner, your own Nicey Nash team! With a few taps of your finger, you can call on a highly efficient cleaning crew to help you deal with your home cleaning needs. Their services range from the everyday cleaning tasks to the once-a-year-spring-cleaning experience. They also offer after-party clean-ups! That would have come in handy after my own debut, which I held at home. I had over a hundred guests in my house and it took the helpers almost 3 days to completely put my house back together again after the party! I doubt it will take the WonderCleaners that long though…as they said, they don’t just clean, they WonderClean!

WonderCleaners can be reached through the following:

Telephone number: 5460802
Cellphone number: 09173243538
Email address: wondercleanersinc@gmail.com

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

When I was younger, looking into mirrors was not really one of my favorite things to do. I was always very self-conscious about the way I looked, especially beside my siblings and cousins who were always so much fairer and slimmer than myself. However, as years went by, I learned to appreciate myself more and I became less critical of myself, especially when I had lost weight.

I still tend to have a love-hate relationship with mirrors but it borders more on the love side lately. I figured hating the way I look won’t really solve anything, right?

Before my sister relocated, she would always tease me about the way I can’t stop myself from pausing in front of a mirror to glance at my reflection. She says I have a funny way of looking at myself when I do so, and that she catches me frown at myself at the full-length mirror in our room when I pass by.

Full-length mirrors are still iffy for me though…I still haven’t learned to appreciate my full-length image. On the other hand, hand mirrors or those antique venetian mirrors that hang in walls are kinder to me πŸ™‚ Given my goals of self-affirmation, I try to look at myself and just appreciate one or two things about myself. Lately my favorite thing has been my hair πŸ™‚

I was recently browsing a website about Venetian mirrors and learned a very interesting fact: the invention of mirrors emerged from people looking at their reflections from pools of water. I never realized that’s where the idea came from. Nowadays mirrors have evolved to include a whole range of designs and styles. An added trivia I learned from that website: many of the best hand-crafted mirrors are made in the Philippines. This makes me even more proud to be Filipino πŸ™‚

On Garden Days and Summer Breezes

Lately the summer heat has been way too stifling. I can barely stand being in my room for long because it’s unbearably hot. Add to that the fact that my bed is right under the windows in my room, which happens to be at the side where the sun sets. by around 3-4 pm, I get the full brunt of the summer sun. So lately, Bubba and I have been spending time out in the garden under the trees where there is some semblance of a breeze. I’m lucky my house has a pretty large garden so it helps cool the place, even just a little bit. However, because of Bubba’s playfulness, plus my brothers’ love for soccer, I can’t do much with the garden in terms of putting up lots of outdoor dΓ©cor , light fixtures and even potted plants. Before, we used to have very nice lampposts around the perimeter fence but a lot of them have either gotten rusty or were broken by my the boys playing soccer. Bubba also plays a lot of catch and digs around the garden so whatever we would put or install ends up as a new plaything for him. One thing, however, that we’ve managed to do for the garden is to install hammocks under the trees. I wish though that I had one of those swivel garden umbrellas and a garden swing where I can sit with my laptop and just enjoy the breeze. Then again, I’d need a new laptop for that too since my lappy’s battery has gone kaput!