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Meet Piper :)

Oh dear Lord what have I done….

After saying I WILL NOT GIVE IN and buy yet another expensive gadget to play with, yesterday I found myself in the mall and it wasn’t long before my every trusty handy dandy credit card popped out of my wallet and found it’s way to the card swiper. Before I knew it, I had just toinked myself with another impulsive purchase.

Meet my iPad, Piper (errrr…corny much but yes, Piper…pronounced as pee-per…kasi isa siyang bonggang bonggang soshaling pad piper ba. teeeheeeheee. yes, rationalizing works :)).

Okay, the cognitive part of my brain is screaming “Why oh why, Ria” but…sometimes, we just do things that don’t make sense, right? Haha. Before I left the mall, I also made sure that I had a few basic essentials to keep Piper brand-spankin’ new and beautiful. First off I got a screen protector, which I realize is very important especially now that I have long nails. Errr…and let’s not forget how Bubba once accidentally scratched my camera’s LCD, right? I also went to get a one of those cases for it.

I really wanted a sleeve like one of these padded colorful bags/sleeves to match Apple’s case.

However,  I couldn’t find one that I liked and I was too tired to go to Rustan’s or Bratpack to check so I ended up with a lovely red faux leather case from the tiangge area of ATC. What I like about Apple’s sleeve is that it is not only so super cute, but it also has that extra padding that would protect my laptop. The one I got is kinda hard and padded, too, so I went with it.  Plus I love the color haha. But the one’s I really want are the neoprene kind. I actually wanted this whole set from Hellolulu because it has a thicker and more protective material, but like I said, I was too tired to go far and to look around to get one like this one:

They also have other products such as camera bags and travel accessories that will surely protect gadgets and luggage when in transit. I like that they’re lightweight,  compact and quite stylish I must say! 🙂 Add to that, it sure is a more environmentally friendly alternative to my typical collection of ziplock bags for traveling hehe. Lookit!

cute black and pink DSLR bag for Nikki 🙂

mutli pouches for chargers, plugs and all other "abubot"

gotta love the two in one shopping/tote bags 🙂

Besides Rustan’s and Bratpack, Hellolulu bags and accessories can be purchased at The Travel Club, Crossings / The Ramp, Duty Free – Fiesta Mall, Fashion Rack – Naia 3, Islands & More, Fullybooked and Le Grand Boutique – Naia 3. Do feel free to post comments or questions about Hellolulu here and I’ll try to help you out with the answers 🙂

I’m sooo happy with my new toy even if my credit card hates me right about now teeeheeeeheeee 🙂

Project Starbucks Complete!

Yesterday while browsing my Facebook page (something I don’t do very often, mind you), a new status message appeared from the Starbucks Philippines fan page. It announced their Earth Day promo. It read: “An Earth Day treat for everyone! Using a reusable tumbler or mug can go a long way in helping the environment. Starting tomorrow, the following tumblers: Latte, Mocha, Chai Tea, Cappuccino and Caramel Macchiato, are yours for only P195 each. This exciting treat will run from April 15 to 30, 2010”. YEY!!! Not long after, my fellow collector sent me a message about the special sale.

So early this morning before heading to work, I swung by the neighborhood branch and snagged myself four out of the five designs. They were out of the Macchiato design so I said when I went to the mall for lunch, I’d check it out. Luckily, the Starbucks Shangri-la branch had some in one of their two branches there. So today, I was able to complete the set! Woot! Thanks to my Tita and Tito who handed me a Php 1000 bill for my birthday last week, I was able to add to my Starbucks collection. Thanks too to Starbucks for announcing and launching this a day before I was supposed to use up the 10% discount vouchers from the planner hehehe. If this would have started later, I would probably not have the cash on hand anymore!!!

The Starbucks Earth Day promo runs from today till April 30 in all branches around the Philippines.

Toblerone takes Love to the Digital Age: What’s Not To Love?

Valentine’s Day has gone digital 🙂 Rather than the typical red roses and chocolates, which are way too expensive during this uber romantic day, why not spread the love in exciting new and original ways? Just check out  www.toblerone.com.ph for great new ideas on how to wow your special someone with a different celebration of hearts day.

Toblerone has set up a Fanpage where all like-minded chocolate lovers can interact and share their thoughts on different V-day traditions and gift ideas.  Users can also check out Toblerone’s gift giving application which allows you to send virtual sweet treats to friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Wanna play Cupid? Toblerone’s matchmaking application is a fun online game that ets you mix and match buddies online to check their compatibility and romantic potential. Who knows, they may just be the next it couple. Move over Jason and Melisa!

Of course, while going digital and virtual is all fun, let’s not forget to spread the sweetness of Heart’s Day on the 14th. What better way than to have a love triangle (no…I don’t mean double-booking dates this V-Day!) with the limited edition Valentine’s Day Toblerone!

For the singles out there, don’t fret: be ready to mingle and try out Speed Dating. Just head on to UNO Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar at San Miguel By the Bay on February 11 at 7pm as Toblerone, in partnership with Thinkpadd and UNO Pizzeria, hosts a Valentine’s Day speed dating exclusive.

Happy Heart’s Day!