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Online Shopping Options

I am a self-confessed shopaholic.

Yup, I often find myself in deep trouble because I shop too impulsively and with little thought checking out better deals. If I see something I like, I would likely walk out of the store with it.

Enter Online Shopping. What I like about shopping online is that it is quite easy to compare prices and see which is the best deal for my money. Also, it allows me to check out similar products that may actually be better than the one I am looking at. In real life shopping, that would entail a lot of walking and time but online, it’s quick and easy. I am, however, still sometimes a bit cautious about where I shop online, especially if I have not tried ordering from these sites yet.

One of the sites I recently came across while trying to look at iPads (yes, I still want one, even if I know I don’t really need it!) is eBillme.com. I am still exploring the site and checking out how it works, so I have not personally tried to order yet but what appears to be a good selling point in my opinion is that 1.) it offers an iron-clad Buyer Protection Program and 2.) you get rebates through purchases and 3.) you can use coupons to get even more discounts. For example, in searching for the iPad, there are abt electronics coupons I can use to get a sweeter deal on my dream gadget. Given today’s economy, that’s great, right?

The Sands of Time

Today it dawned on me how quickly time flies. I figured I’ve lived about half my life now, right? And what do I have to show for it: a ginormous credit card bill.


I have always been the type of girl who shops impulsively that does not worry much about tomorrow. I always think that there’s still a lot of time to save and plan for the future. Well, apparently I am so wrong about that! While talking with my colleagues earlier who were planning a trip abroad, they mentioned words like “savings”, “investments” and “bonds”…all of which I couldn’t relate to. I know what they mean, don’t get me wrong, but I never really made that a priority. So when I got home, I decided to take stock of my assets and liabilities, as well as to create a workable plan to get out of credit card debt and to start investing for my future. This included checking out various life insurance leads and business investments I can get involved in. This way I have something to count on when I reach the ripe old age of retirement.

Saving for a rainy day

Photo by stuartpilbrow “089/365 Money…What Money” by c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

The other day, my good friend T and I were talking about money matters and how it’s so hard to really save up for a rainy day. After taking stock, I realized I spend a bulk of my money on two things: food and gadgets. To make matters worse, not only am I spend-thrifty, I tend to be impulsive about it. At times, when I know I have money coming my way, I already plan where to spend it, even if I am not holding it yet. Tsk tsk.

After our discussion, I decided that it’s time to make some changes with regards to my spending habits. I know this should have been done a long time ago, when I was younger, but I guess it’s not too late to start. After all, I’m not getting younger, right? If I don’t do this, what’s gonna happen to me in the future, especially since I have to fend for myself. Also, I have to think about the possibility of having my own family. While I know I have some social security benefits and insurance claims to expect for the future, it definitely will not be enough for a long time.

Here are some things I will be doing in the next few months to save for the future:

  1. Limit beverage purchases. I spend WAAAAY to much on this: sodas, iced teas, coffee….To be able to do this, I will be bringing a water bottle with me more regularly.
  2. Stop with the excess food purchases, such as ice cream, chips and chocolates. Not only will this help me save, it can also help me in my goal to be a Fat Girl No More!
  3. Minimize gas expenses by planning out my schedule better. Same thing with parking. I hate having to pay the extra Php 10 for exceeding the allotted hours, especially if this is just by a few minutes.
  4. I will also think twice before buying something!!! To be able to be sure to do this, I will leave my credit card at home!!!

That’s about it for now. Do you have any other suggestions for my savings? 🙂