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Revisiting Survivor

It’s been over 20 seasons and 10 years since the franchise Survivor debuted. I did not really watch the first season but the second, Survivor Australian Outback, got me hooked. I watched all the way to season five or six, and then my fascination faded away. I’d watch a few episodes every now and then Over the past few days, I threw in Survivor DVD’s and just got hooked all over again. Super fun. :) I loved the Heroes vs. Villains season because it took the cunning and strategizing to a whole new level. I wanna find other seasons and watch them too!

More than Just Mrs. McDreamy

I guess for those who know me, it is no secret about how much of a Grey’s Anatomy fan I am. Although I got discovered it late (yes, may season 1 dibidi na nung na-discover ko ang Grey’s :-) ), I quickly got hooked on it like crazy. So much so that even though I had a sucky internet connection then, I still made every effort to catch episodes on You Tube when they were uploaded and before it was taken down for copyright infringement. I swear those were the days!!!

In many ways, the six seasons of Grey’s Anatomy have evolved in synchronicity with my own evolution and growth. What I mean here is that I resonated with many of the issues, needs and concerns that were raised in various ways in the show, be it by the lead characters or by the storyline itself. I saw myself in many of those places: dealing with Alzheimers, picking up the pieces of a broken heart and feeling like the “dirty ex-mistress”, being stuck at an impasse,  feeling invisible…As a whole, the little narratives Meredith would give at the start and the end of the show often drove home bits and pieces of wisdom that I really needed at that time.

At one point, I even blogged about how Seattle Grace hospital became an apt metaphor for what I was going through at that point in my life. In many ways, it was what kept me sane and grounded at a time when I was not able to make sense of what has going on around my life.

In the last season, I was able to see how far the characters have grown and when I stop to think about it, it is also very much like my personal growth (yes I am making it about me again hehe!) . In as much as Meredith struggled to know who she was and embrace her identity, that’s what I am doing too.

What I appreciated most was how Meredith was able to reconcile her identity as a surgeon and as a wife. It reminded me that being in a relationship does not need to mean losing who you are to begin with, but to adapt and evolve to become a better you. This was built upon later on as Meredith explained to Cristina that “it used to be me and you only but now its me and Derek and me and you” and that these two sides of her have to exist together. That made me recognize the value of really honoring all the different facets of your life, and that these different sides of you co-exist with each other, without one being of more value than the other.

While the show put things in context of relationships, I guess the same is true about one’s self, especially since we take on many different roles: friend, daughter, sister, colleague, teacher, mentor, etc. etc. I see how at times these roles override each other, which should not be the case. This is so true for me today especially since I’ve been trying to find a good balance between my different sides.

I hope the upcoming season (which starts mid-September) will continue to give me the bits and pieces of wisdom I so enjoyed in the past :-)

Fan Girl Mode On!

I have never been one to really follow local teleseryes (okay, okay, I will admit na sinubaybayan ko rin ang Ula at Mara Clara… in fairness to me, wala pang cable nun harhar) but for the first time, I really am SUPER DUPER hooked on one of the latest Kapamilya teleseryes. Granted that Rubi caught my fancy when it first started, my response to the show was not as bongga as my response to Magkaribal. The proof: this is my second blog post about the show. Yes, fan ako. As in super, duper fan. (okay, you can stop rolling your eyes now!)

So, when my dear friend Flow invited me to attend the Magkaribal Victory Party at ABS-CBN last night, I did not hesitate. And yes, nag inarte pa ako at sinuot ko ang aking stilettos. Blue nga lang, hindi red.

The only sad part of the evening was that Derek Ramsey wasn’t there :-( huhu. Although his character in the show is really not my type, he’s just so….yummy :-) Seriously, he’s perhaps the only local artista who makes me swoon. I swear, there’s something about him that’s just so magnetic and charming. In fact, when I drive down the SLEX (which I do on a daily basis), I get all kilig when I see his ads lining up the highway. Ganun ako ka smitten.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes of the show…I hope it’s as good as how it started!!!

some photos courtesy of Iris :-)

American Idol Season 10 will be….different.

This years American Idol, for me, was kind of a letdown. It wasn’t as grand as previous seasons, which was sad since there were good singers in the batch plus the debut of Ellen DeGeneres. However, from the start of the season it was announced that Simon Cowell would no longer be renewing for Season 10.

Just yesterday, I read Ellen was also not renewing and today, I came across a Yahoo! trending topic that said “Kara DioGuardi” so I clicked and it said she too was no longer returning!

Ooooh…what a sad AI Season 10 this will be.

Magkaribal: My New Guilty Pleasure!

I am starting to hate ABS-CBN for coming up with such engaging and captivating teleseryes (soap operas)!  Just last week, they premiered another fabulous soap that I can’t let go off! Magkaribal (Rivals) is the story of two poor sisters who were victims of circumstance and ended up traveling along very different circles. After the death of their mother and the betrayal of their father, the children find themselves as street urchins, running away from the children’s welfare department and trying to find a way to live on their own. However, after the younger of the two falls ill, the older sister went off to find money but to her horror, she finds the hospital where her sister is confined in engulfed in flames. Thinking her sister was dead and heartbroken, the young girl found herself in the throes of prostitution until one day, a wealthy benefactor takes her in as his muse and she becomes a fashion model abroad. Years later, she returns as the new designer to the House of Ronaldo, one of the most loved fashion houses worldwide.

Bongga no! I LOVE IT!!!!

Granted that the show has it’s flaws, namely the disconnect in character casting. The paparazzi style of presentation can also be annoying when overdone. Nonetheless, I find myself glued to the tube every night no matter how tired I am. I can’t believe I actually do that because NEVER (well, with the exception of Grey’s Anatomy!) have I done this before!

What I love about watching the show is that it gives me an escape from the daily grind, it’s like living vicariously in such a chic and fashionable world! While I may never personally indulge in designer clothing or labeled bags, nor would I ever find myself scarfing down fat burner pills or over exercising just so I can be model-thin like the characters, I can still feel like I am part of that world, right? Another great thing about the soap is that it really highlights how far Philippine soaps has gone since the days of Mara, Clara and Mula Sa Puso.

Oh…and did I fail to mention Magkaribal’s best selling point? Derek Ramsay. Yummy!

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