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Perpetual Sapphire School of Aviation Open House

Perpetual Sapphire Aviation School

A few months ago after a clinic session in a hospital in Las Pinas, I walked to my car which was parked in the lot that the hospital shared with an aviation school. And guess what…on that day they were taping scenes for the now defunct soap opera, Dahil May Isang Ikaw. The school was used as the set for the aviation school that the character played by Coco Martin was supposed to be studying at. So every now and then, when I go to the clinic, it makes me smile when I see it. About a month ago, when I went, I saw a sign for an Open House the school is holding that allows potential students to check out what the school is about. They even offer simulation exercises, as I understand. I don’t know, however, what else the open house would allow, such as whether or not guests can do mechanical exercises or compare radar detectors or what not.

Oh…just to share…today when I went to the clinic, the doors were open (errr….literally! haha) and I saw a plane inside but I had no camera!!! Gaaah!

A Question of Competence

In the past few days I have been struggling with the same thing I’ve been struggling with for the past seven years: my thesis.

I hate how it has the power to make me question my entire sense of competence and intelligence for that matter. In the many times I butt heads with these feelings, I tell myself that having those letters behind my name doesn’t make me a “better” person. For the most part, I am content without it but I know that in my line of work, it is a necessity, despite my personal perception of it being solely a formality. I do know, however, that it is more than just that. It’s just hard to believe in it and live it out, especially since I have always known that I “fell” into graduate studies.

I honestly had no intentions of going to grad school in the beginning. I would have perfectly been content to take Online Courses, particularly on creative writing or child development. However, it didn’t work out that way and while it has definitely been one of the best unintentional choices I have made in my life, at times I feel overly challenged by it.

Presently, I am at an intellectual impasse.


What makes children smart?

In my jobs as a teacher and a psychologist who does assessment, I have been asked many times about how to increase a child’s IQ points or how they can be smarter. I always reply by saying “there’s no ONE way to make someone smarter”. I tell them that while maternal nutrition and taking the best prenatal vitamins during pregnancy can help in the baby’s brain development, it is not necessarily enough to make them intelligent. Genes do play a factor, but it is not also just that. It is a combination of nature and nurture that fosters intelligence in an individual. Giving them ample opportunities to explore, for example, is an important contributor to intelligence and problem solving abilities. I think that more than just the academic demands of school (which many people think equate to making one smart) it is also important that a child be allowed to play. After all, play is a child’s work. This is how they make sense of the world and understand how to engage with other people. This makes them develop physically, mentally and socially as well.

Other things that help foster intelligence in children can include hand’s on supervision by parents, monitored (not necessarily banned!) television, playing computer games, reading storybooks, taking road trips, and engaging in a hobby such as stamp collecting.

In general, one’s intelligence is influenced by several factors that interact with one another and can not necessarily be taken into individual contexts. As parents and teachers, our job is to help stimulate these  so children can maximize their potentials.