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What is sexy?

What is sexy?

A friend of mine recently told me that when he saw my profile picture on Facebook, it was such a far cry from the Ria he used to know.  He went on to say that he remembered how whenever we’d go around on trips and he’d try to shoot me, it was very difficult because I’d always get self-conscious. At that time, there was no way on earth you’d make me do a jump shot or something like this!

You see, much as many do not believe it, I am such a shy and insecure individual, someone who never was comfortable in her own skin and never trusted in her own abilities. For the longest time, I was content being in the background, hiding behind the shadows of what was familiar. Earlier this year, however, I discovered the practice of yoga and it has changed my life immensely, not just on the physical aspect.

This picture for me captures what sexy is…

Being sexy goes beyond the exterior…it’s being able to find that bit of confidence in you that allows you to let go of fear and to believe in yourself, to trust in your own abilities and potentials, and to know that you have the power in you to be the best you possible. It goes beyond fitting into a size 0-2 but comes with being able to love yourself inside and out, no matter what size, shape or condition you may be in.

Okay, you might wonder where this post is coming from..teehee. Let me back track a bit. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Samsung Notebook Series 9, which is touted as the sexiest netbook in the market nowadays. With a sleek and sexy design and specs that is sure to wow you, it is definitely one drool-worthy gadget.


Samsung Netbook Series 9

Samsung Netbook Series 9

What makes this such a great netbook is that it definitely  makes PC sexy as this small yet powerful gadget boasts of PC worthy specs. Just look:

  • Ultra Slim Profile at 0.64”
  • Lightweight Body at 2.86lbs.
  • Stunning display at 400NIT
  • Intel Core i5-2537M Processor
  • (1.40GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 3MB cache memory)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • 128GB Solid State Drive
  • 13.3-inch LED Hi-Definition (400NIT, Non-Gloss) Screen with SuperBrightPlus Technology
  • Built-in 1.3 Megapixel Hi-Definition Webcam
  • Built-in Bluetooth Version 3.0 Hi-Speed
  • Chargeable 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, MicroSD Card Slot
  • Surround Sound 3D Sound Effect
  • Arch Flow Design, Black Chassis, Made from Duralumin (2x Stronger than Aluminum)
  • 3 Years Warranty (1 Year International, 2 Years Local)

During it’s April 28 launch, guests were asked to  define sexy. Check out this video and see what they had to say:

The Samsung Notebook Series 9 is said to retail for about Php 79,000 (wowza!) but if you’d like to take a chance and try to win one for yourself, simply click on the app and  register on Samsung Notebook Series 9: Sexy Street Style Facebook fanpage and follow these easy-peasy steps:

  • Upload a stylish photo in of yourself that defines what sexy for you is.
  • Write about your personal definition of sexy.
  • Ask your friends to vote for your sexy photo entry.
  • Make it your profile picture in Facebook

Sexiest photos get a chance to win either a Samsung Notebook Series 9 or a Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, or Randy Ortiz designer wear. Check out my entry in their gallery…I hope you can support me by liking it!!! I so would love to win that super sexy lappy!!!

Making the Most Online

Photo credits: “Stupid Computer!!!” by Jeanie, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved,

I will be the first to admit that I’m such a blogging noob, even though I’ve been writing forever. I do maintain several blogs, but I know very little about the back end of things. I am lucky that my web host is super nice and that I have a lot of blogger gurus who help me learn the ropes. However, I have recently been tasked to work on a website for the company I work for and I realized there’s so much more I don’t know.

Dream what??? CPanel huh?!?!  Haha.

To be fair, there are lots of sites and fora available for support for noobs like me. In fact, it appears that the platforms nowadays are so much more user friendly than they used to be 🙂 Some, like wix, even let for drop and drag building of flash sites. I suppose if you’re just doing a basic site or something like that, it should be enough, right?

A Love Affair to Remember

Nicky and I have had an on-again-off-again relationship for the past year….medyo nagkatampuhan kasi kami when Sammy came along…

It’s not naman na pinagpalit ko siya kay Sammy, after all, there sure is room in my life for both of them, right? It’s not naman like I was cheating on him with the other, and that even if I had made a new friend he was still greatly loved, but no…when Sammy came along, Nicky prolly started feeling a little left out…a little selos, and yes, super duper nagtampo siya. For some reason, out of the blue, he stopped clicking for me. Yes, no matter how much I tried to adjust, zoomed in and out, when I’d push his buttons, no clicking. After some cooling off and letting things be, I realized we just needed to reset things and although there was a Sammy in the picture, iba pa rin ang relationship namin. Yes, true love ika nga. I may not invest extra in him, but what matters is going back to the basics…kaya hanggang ngayon, basic kit lens pa rin gamit ko.

Mwihihi 😉 Kala niyo tunay na love story no??? Meet Nicky and Sammy.

Seriously though, I was glad to stumble upon a PixelPro-Online.com contest at Vince Golangco’s site (Vince is also known for his other site, WhenInManila.com where he writes with one of the blogosphere’s pretty faces, Hannah of FlairCandy.com as well as the DJ of the G-Spot) where two anti-theft camera bags are up for grabs and I thought what better way to spend the rest of Chirstmas day than coming up with my official entry, right, esepcially after last nights whole gratitude post 🙂

Anyway, I got Nicky (aka a Nikon D-40) not too long ago and it has actually made me realize a lot of things (okay, I’m going a wee bit philosophical here, but go with me, okay? ;-)) It actually dawned on me that having Nicky has allowed me to see, pardon the pun, the bigger picture. And while Nicky may not be a real man, he sure has seen me through a lot and we’ve gone many places together 🙂

One of the greatest things about Nicky is that he always flatters me. Not that he doesn’t see my bad side also, but he always manages to brign out the best in me, both as a newbie photographer and a subject for photography as well. This is one of my favorite shots ever taken by Nicky.

Obviously I wasn’t the photographer, but during a quick trip to the beach with a dear, dear friend of mine and while there, she took a whole bunch of pictures of me that seem to has captured more than what I was feeling in the moment, but when I look at those photos, it speaks volumes of where I am in my life journey. I’m not very good at having my picture taken, actually, because I tend to get way too self-conscious when I look into a camera and only a handful of people (errr…less than a handful to be precise…) can actually capture a great, natural and real snapshot of me. Sure I can pose well (yesss…let’s get to the self-affirmation part please mwahahaha!) and I am able to project for a camera and look good doing it (errr…sige na, pagbigyan, photogenic daw!), but to actually pose and be comfortable, its kinda….hard.

But with Nicky around, I get to take lots of great shots, and get a lot of great shots taken of me. I know it isn’t only the camera that does it, but it sure makes it easier. What I like about these shots is that I get to appreciate so much more than just what I see in front of me because for some reason, often times when I shoot, the finished product has something extra that I didn’t necessarily see ahead of time. For example, when I took this photo during the same trip I was talking about earlier, I was only focusing on the boat, but not the sky, the ripples of the water etcetera.

In the same way, however, I have my fair share of bad shots from Nicky…those that look good upon viewing but when I upload to my PC, errr…something isn’t right. At the end of the day, however, whether we have a good day or not, what I love about being with Nicky is that I really get to appreciate so much more of people, things and situations around me than meets the eye.

So there…that is our little love story 🙂

WhenInManila.com and Pixel Pro camera stores are giving away CamSafe Anti-Theft bags and over P130,000.00 of other cash and prizes with their Picture Perfect Christmas contest! Find out how you can win here – http://bit.ly/iikRIe

Mayday, Mayday….Blog Down!!!

Last week, my blog was down for the first time in a LONG, LONG time. It was funny, however, that it coincided with the one time I was in a rush to blog. And no, it wasn’t like it was an urgent post or a commissioned article or what not that I was going to post about, but a very deeply personal experience. I don’t know if that was supposed to mean something, or if it was just coincidence, but nevertheless, it did give me a moments pause. In all fairness to my web hosting service, all it took was a quick message and a few minutes to fix the problem.

I’m lucky, I guess, that my provider is able to attend to my blog’s (or should I say my many blogs’) needs. Imagine if this was like a business oriented blog and the provider would often be down? Talk about a loss of income. For my personal needs, these kinds of shared hosting seems to be fine but should I finally venture into a larger scale online presence, I may consider getting a bigger and more beefed up managed hosting plan that offers more than just larger disk space and bandwidth but can also guarantee the quality of service provided. An added bonus would be the reassurance of security and protection from various elements that some colocation plans provide.

For now, however, since I’m still more than anything a personal blogger, I have to say that I do love my web host very, very much. Right Mommy Rubz? 🙂 So far, I’ve truly been very satisfied…although I’ve had to up my plan recently…but that should be a good thing right? hahaha!!!!

Project Happiness

I think it goes beyond saying that everyone is on a continuous quest for happiness. The thing is, we tend to think to focus on things that aren’t going well for us or that need to be done better that we miss out on the little bits and pieces of happiness that come our way.

For me, I think I miss out on a lot because I tend to overthink things and to put too much value into what others are saying rather than what is important to me. I also tend to push aside things I WANT for what I THINK is right. For others, the reason why happiness is elusive is because they are too driven by what society dictates that they are no longer able to enjoy what is present for them.

I think the important elements of being truly happy include finding what your passion really is, nurturing your soul and caring for your self along the way. I do recognize, however, that living up to these is a different story. So today I draw inspiration from a fellow blogger friend of mine, Iris, who, despite all the challenges around her, is making a conscious effort to work on her Project Happiness. For her, this comes in the form of being a baker with her online bake shop, Project Happiness Bakehouse. With this project, she explores her creative side and does what it is that makes her truly happy: bake all these beautiful and yummmy cupcakes and pastries. Her masterpieces are not just ordinary cakes but personalized and perfect for themed parties (do contact her if you need a wholesaler for a special occasion). Although I can see her decision to do this has not been a bed of roses all the time, I think it truly makes her happy, so that’s all that counts.

See you at the Visayas Blogging Summit :-)

Okay…I know I started 2010 saying I will not go anywhere this year in the spirit of building a nest egg (also known as my so called savings) so I had no intention of going to any convention, workshop or summit outside of Metro Manila. However, given my dear friend Iris’ convincing powers, plus the fact that she booked a flight for me, I will be going to Iloilo this November! And take note: we won’t just be there for the summit, we’ll be in Iloilo for 5 long days 🙂 I hope I get to go to the beach while I’m there!

Besides the fact that Iris booked the flight for me and let me pay for it via pay pal, one reason that convinced me to go was the Cebu Pacific promo. We got a pretty good deal, considering it covered everything from taxes to travel emergency insurance. It came out about Php 1,700 for everything. Not bad, right?

Are you going to the summit? See you there!!!

Maximizing Your Blogs Potential

For the longest time, I blogged in secret. Well, not completely in secret, but only a few people new about my blog. I didn’t really have much of a readership and it would be rare for someone to stumble upon it via a random Google search. I guess it was because I blogged about things that weren’t really “searchable” and was really centered on my day to day experiences.

Eventually, however, I discovered a lot of things about blogging. I learned how it can be a venue for widening my social circle, as well as a means of promoting my advocacies and things I believed in. Blogging also allowed me to share my opinions and ideas about things that mattered. More so, I discovered that blogging can be fun and rewarding. From those realizations, my blogs started evolving.

One thing I never really understood, however, was search engine optimization. No matter how much my blogger friends have explained it to me, or how much I’ve tried searching about it on Google, I can’t get it. To be fair, there are times when I (by some sheer miracle!) seem to get it right and I land on the first page of a Google search. But when it comes to really understanding what it’s all about, I’m still at a loss! All I understood about SEO was that it is a highly effective means of getting traffic to get to your site.

I’m sure many neophyte bloggers like me feel confused by search engine optimization and making the most of our blogs.Whether the goal is for monetizing your blog or simply building a strong readership, I’m sure learning the SEO tricks-of-the-trade will definitely help maximize one’s blog potential.

For me, what I’d like to accomplish with my blog is to earn via Google Adsense, which, so far, has been elusive to me 🙂

If you are like me and would like to explore how far your blog can go, you may wanna check out this video:

The Google Insider Secrets to Search Engine Optimization is set for August25-26, 2010 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Galleria. Two noted speakers, Simon Leung from the USA and Fabian Lim from Singapore, are coming in to the Philippines to share their expertise with Filipino audiences. This is definitely a rare opportunity to learn from such seasoned veterans.

If only I didn’t have so much work to do, I surely would love to attend this!

Yapatoots’ Picks for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010

This past year has been such a blast for me, especially since blogging has become a pivotal figure in my life. I have written about it many times over, but it has to be said again: through blogging, my life has changed immensely. I have discovered so many great things about myself and people around me, and I have learned to engage with a wide range of people, many of whom I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know if not for the blogosphere.

I think I have grown a lot in the past year and since then, I have migrated from Blogger to WordPress, discovered what it means to SEO my posts, and have found the thrill of being on the first page of Google searches, even just for a couple of days 🙂

Also, the past year has witnessed the birth and growth of my three most active blogs, as well as a few more dormant ones for now. One of these blogs was actually recognized in last year’s Emerging Influential Blog Search, but it was still in it’s infancy back then. This year, I am honored to find one of my blogs in the list again! I’m really hoping that this time, it makes it all the way to the end 🙂

As for me, here are the Top Ten Emerging Influential blogs for me. I chose these to be my entries to Ms. Janette Toral’s Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project. These are my choices because these are blogs that I feel can affect change and influence it’s readers to make better choices. Read the rest of this entry »