Driving Safety

I have my share of bad habits and perhaps the worst one of all is allowing myself to be distracted by my mobile phone while driving. I always rationalize that I do this only when it’s traffic but I think I use that as an excuse. I have said it many times already, but till now I keep falling into old habits. Bad bad bad.

One thing I observed however, was that many drivers actually use headsets while driving. No, I’m not talking about those earpieces for hands-free use of the phone or perhaps one of those bluetooth motorcycle helmets so the driver can receive instructions or what not , but like earphones for music. CRAZY right!!!

Yesterday a teenager almost ran into my car because she had her earphones on. If I were her mother, I would have taken her driving privileges away.

Okay, I know I have my own bad habits so I shouldn’t judge, so starting today (AGAIN!) I will not use my phone while driving. Wish me well, please.

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