It’s funny how in just a few years, my life changed completely. My career changed, my interests changed, my goals changed. And all that I really did was give things a try. I remember I used to want to escape from the life I had. As if running away from the reality of things would magically solve things. Apparently it won’t. But, if you allow yourself to just be with those things you want to escape from and make peace with it, it lets go of its grip on you.

I must say, however, there are days when I have things about that former life I had that I miss. Like being a blogger and getting invited to events. Like being a preschool teacher. But I am happy. It would be fun to revisit my old activities, though. And I’d love to put on glitters and glue and costumes and the like (oh, speaking of which click here for wigs for all sorts of events or activities!). I miss it!!!

Nonetheless, I am grateful for the life that was and the life that is.

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