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Happy Halloween!!!!

Just a random note for today:


I’m not a believer in this holiday, I must admit. Growing up I knew it was celebrating the dark side and that it wasn’t what I believed in. I just wanted to say, however, that I like how Halloween has shifted from all monsters and ghouls to princesses and cartoons. To have it as a celebration in that regard makes it different, I suppose. In any case, enjoy the candies from today!

Bazaar Season is Back!

Yep, it’s just about that time of the year! I have seen a number of signs announcing the annual Christmas bazaars. If I am not mistaken, there already have been two or three that kicked off the season already. For many, it is also the time that they head off to the garage ceiling storage and bring out their Christmas decorations and the like. I may not be a big fan of Christmas, but I must admit, there is a certain thrill in the air that comes at this time of the year. Let’s see how this years holidays go 🙂

Made with Love from Ohm Project Manila

When my friend came home from Bali, she brought me back a sterling silver bracelet (well, it wasn’t completely silver as the round mantra mandala was strung together by cord, but the loop itself was silver). It is by far, my most favorite piece of jewelry. Around it is an engraved mantra for abundance. I had wanted the karma bracelet that read “what goes around comes around” but she said this was the one that seemed most fitting to me and so she got it. I have loved it from then.

I have been looking for some similar jewelry since then, but haven’t really found one till I came across Ohm Project Manila on instagram. It’s not sterling silver jewelry, but VERY cute. The yoga inspired pieces are LOVE. Check them out. I’ve gotten a few pieces and I love it!