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Skyaroke Nights

I was chatting with a friend online and telling her about how I finally gathered up enough courage to finally try karaoke. I tell you, holding that microphone in my hand was such a daunting task at first. It got a little more comfortable, but not all that much, I must admit! Nonetheless, it was awesome to finally try it 🙂 So she was like, when are we going to karaoke together? And since she’s thousands of miles away, she got the idea that we can skype karaoke…or skyaroke! Haha. I should get myself one of those musician’s gear tripod desk mic stand with clip‘s so we can get this started, ya? RIIIIGHT!!! haha 🙂


I can feel that a change is coming.

That should be a good thing, right?

I welcome it.

I embrace it.

I will live it.


Lately I feel like I’ve been marching to the sound of a stuck cajon drum. Boom….boom….booooom.That’s it. I can even hear that rhythm in my head as I go through the motions of day to day. Although the beat changes when I do things I love and passionate about, half the time it’s that same rhythm that keeps me company in the day. I need to change this tune. Or maybe I just need to listen to the subtleties of the sound to see a different side. Sigh.