Toys of My Childhood

As is the case whenever the weather gets gloomy and blah, I suddenly find myself with the urge to clean up my room. These past few days were no exception! It started out serendipitously, actually, because I was trying to find one of my old stuffed toys to use for my kids yoga classes.  As I unearthed my little boxes of collectibles, I came across my 101 dalmatian set from the kiddie meals of one of the fast food chains. I also found a set of my old Trolls! Gosh I missed that! I remember how that was such a craze before. Then came the adorable albeit slightly strange talking creatures like Furby. I never got the chance to own a Furby Party Rockers Creature anymore because by the time they came out, I was a little too old, but I do remember having an Alf doll once. Hahaha. Just goes to show how old I am! Haha!

Anyway, in my search for toys for my kids yoga classes, I found myself reminiscing and just tapping back into the toys of my childhood. It’s sad, though, that many children do not get to play with toys the way we used to do.  Because of all the more active gadgets they have access to, imaginative play is not always at the forefront. However, this is not necessarily true for all kids. I do see parents still actively choosing non-gadget toys for their children. It is also nice to see these old toys (some maybe even modernized to capture today’s audience) back in the market, whether this be mainstream toy stores or via online shopping portals. I like too how manufacturers of toys of today have more awareness about child safety and the like.  🙂

I never did get to find that stuffed animal I wanted to use for my kids yoga class, but I did come across this purple and teal Furby creature online…it was so cute! Maybe I should just order it, yeah? 🙂 Haha 🙂


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