What Yoga Does.

I was reading through my old blog posts about yoga and I realized how truly deeply yoga has changed me. I do miss writing that way, I must say. Reading through those posts showed me so many sides of me and it made me appreciate even more what yoga does. One great thing yoga has done for me is that it changed my manner of responding to the world. Correction, it taught me how to respond better to the world. There was a time in my life when I would respond to challenges by spiraling down into a deep depression, even using food and alcohol to numb my feelings. If I had gone down that path even more, I wouldn’t be surprised if I would be needing alcohol treatment and intervention. Seriously. I probably would have been doped up on antidepressants as well. However, yoga showed me I was stronger than that. And in time, I found my ground.

Yoga is amazing. Read more about my experiences of yoga at www.archetypesandasanas.com.

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