Certified Un-Calm.

OMG. Just recently the once elusive (because it was so far and inaccessible to me!) yoga store, Certified Calm, opened up just a block away from the studio I practice and occasionally teach in. GAAAAAH! On my first trip there, I walked out with a Manduka Travel Mat. My excuse, my Jade mat (which I got from them too to replace my cheap yoga mat that I loved but had frayed to death already!) was slippery already and it was too heavy to lug around when I teach. On my second trip, I had to stop myself from taking home another sticky mat! I’m afraid to even go back because they have this meditation pillow that I want to get! The store needs a better review than this, but since I blog about yoga at www.archetypesandasanas.com, I think I’ll review it better there 🙂 Here, however, I react! Har 🙂

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