A Taste of Summer in January

As I said in my post earlier, I recently went on a random road trip with a few of my friends earlier this January. It was AWE-MAAAAZING! It was the bit of summer I needed to keep me going till April. It’s been a weird Christmas season, I must say, what with the weather being all erratic. Super hot days, super cold nights, and never really giving you a heads up to what the day would be like. In any case, it was nice to hit the beach again for the holidays, something I haven’t had a chance to do since about 2010. The water was quite cold though, but pleasantly, I must admit. It sure was better than jumping into a pool that had raypak heaters to warm up the water but the breeze above it would remain so cold. The warm air and the cool water in the beach, in comparison, was just perfect. What a trip. And yes, it was made even more awesome because of the people I was with. Oh I can’t wait for the next beach trip!!!

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