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My Christmas Shopping Stops

This year, given my extremely limited budget due to major, major investments throughout the past few months, I have picked three spots for my Christmas Shopping: Booksale, Papemelroti (again!) and the Japanese Home Store (a.k.a. the 66/88 peso store). Oh the joy of really cute and affordable finds 🙂 The 88 peso store is such an interesting place to get lost in, yeah? They have everything! From plastic containers to art supplies, car tools and gardening props, kitchen ware and even pet toys, they can all be found, all at only 88 pesos (or 66 for some, in fact!). I wouldn’t be surprised if they had hard-to-find things there too such as humidor accessories. Oh fun 🙂

Oh How I Love Thee,MMDA App!

What is the best app ever? (Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you do get my point, yeah? :)) The MMDA app is one of the most amazing apps I have on my iPad. However, it seems to no longer work very well with the iPad 1 and I was trying to download the updated version but I can’t. Anyway, I do access the MMDA site via the web instead and immediately I get updates with the traffic on the road.

One thing I really love about this MMDA being on social media is the fact that they are so interactive, unlike the one from the other highway group that lack that social interaction. With the MMDA people, I don’t think I have ever Tweeted a question and not gotten a response. Not only do I get a response, but response time is pretty quick. So that’s pretty awesome. Lastly, I love how the people who respond to queries has a great sense of humor…just look…