Shopping Destination: Gourdo’s

I have always loved shopping at Gourdo’s. The other day, while waiting for my friend for our meeting, I decided to swing by and check out what’s new (and on sale!). OMG…I had to stop myself from overspending!!! There were cutie notebooks and scrapbook stuff, and even things I can use for kids yoga class at 50% off! Yey.

I used to think that Gourdo’s was just a cookware and baking store, but the one at the Fort Strip is amazing 🙂 It has all sorts of different stuff that’s just fun 🙂

What it doesn’t have, however, were the stuff I was looking for. Haha. I was trying to find some of those small orange cone thingies that would be nice for my classes, but I couldn’t. I also wanted to try to get a small version of those crowd control barriers from stanchionwholesaler.com to use for obstacle courses and games. Any clue where to get them? Let me know!

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