Enchanted by the Enchanted Cafe

Since I’ve turned vegetarian, one of my greatest difficulties is finding good vegetarian options. While it is true that there are more options now than there used to be, I still feel greatly limited to gluten, vegemeat, and tofu. in comes the Enchanted Cafe. I discovered this last week through my co-yoga teacher trainee, Bea, who runs the cafe. Although Enchanted Cafe is not 100% vegetarian, they offer an array of food choices for people like me.

I tried the All-Heart Burger, a vegetarian burger that does not use tofu, mushrooms or fake meat in its blend. Rather, it is made off banana hearts. It was amazingly delicious and had a really great flavor to it. In fact, it even had that meaty quality/mouth feel that I have been missing quite a bit. The order came with a side of kamote fries and a salad. Super yummy for 120. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos!

For more information about the Enchanted Cafe, look them up on Facebook 🙂

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