Blog Missing.

When I first started blogging, it never was for the events and perks that came along with the medium. I did, however, over time, enjoy it very much. Because I liked to write a lot, I was able to experience a lot of blog events including product launches, restaurant reviews, movie premieres and the like.  I also got first dibs on a lot of new products and the like.  I particularly enjoyed beauty products, such as skin care products and fragrances (I never did get to a bottle of burning barbershop cologne by D.S. and Durga, but I can’t help but wonder what it smells like!). What I liked about that is that I get to experiment on things without really breaking the bank. However, I have gotten extremely busy and redirected with my life and so I have not been blogging much. Also, since I started working on weight loss, I stopped going to food events. Couple this with the fact that I went vegetarian, right? But today, since I’ve been plastered in bed because I am sick (and in the same breath unable to really think straight and get work done!), I have been able to blog hop and catch up on some posts.  I’ve missed how fun this is 🙂

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