Anatomy Fun

In my yoga  teacher training  course, we studied a bit of anatomy.  I couldn’t help  but  think  back  to the time when  I was still superdidooper  overweight and was having pains in my ankles. Earlier this year, I  got to  go  to a yoga clinic session at  Templa Wellness and that allowed me to  understand why  my ankle was hurting a lot. While I was studying the anatomy  of the  foot, I was glad that I  was able to address my problems early  enough. Though  the ankle still hurts  every  now  and  then and even  if my  ankles and  feet are  quite “weak” so  to speak, at least its  better. There’s better flexion and mobility in that area and  the ligaments around  the  achilles heel  is not as tight  as it  used to be.  I’m thankful  I did not need extreme measures like surgery or those plantar faciitis treatment at footrite.com or anything  like  that!  Yoga  does  heal, indeed. And yeah, it does help to understand anatomy 🙂

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