For the Love of the Kindle

I used to be a voracious reader. However, because of time constraints and the fact that life happened (haha), reading had to take a back seat.  The only time I really have time to read would be in the bathroom! However, because of my thesis, I started to need to read again. This is how I discovered the beauty of ebooks and reading these in various gadgets. It sure eliminated the need to print out mountains of journal articles the way I used to! Further, the Kindle app reminded me how much I love to learn. It’s nice how this particular gadget makes learning so much more accessible to people like me, who, in all honesty, may be too cheap to spend on expensive books that end up collecting dust in my shelf. Hehe. Besides this app, technology has really made studying much easier. For example, there are online gre prep courses/programs available. Also, a number of my friends are taking online certificate courses from universities abroad. Something that, ordinarily, would not be accessible to people from our part of the world. Amazing, right?

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