Finding Certified Calm

My first Athleta pants 🙂

Even after I started my yoga practice, I have shied away from the “yoga shops”. Yes, I’m cheap that way hahaha…I still preferred buying my outfits and stuff in the department store or at the surplus shop, or perhaps Forever21 because it was simply much cheaper. However, recently I have discovered the wonder of Lululemon and Athleta apparel, my resolve to not go into these stores are slowly crumbling!!!

Last week there was a sale in Certified Calm, one of THE yoga stores in the city, and almost went gaga 🙂 I did decide, however, to hold off any major purchases until I a.) lose twenty more pounds and b.) finish Yoga Teacher Training. Then I’d have reasons to buy, right?? Hehe. I couldn’t help but think that this is such a far cry from the way I used to shop before. Not only am I getting athletic gear, but before, all I could really afford to do was rummage in the maternity clothes sale bin in a department store because those were the only things that fit me!

Certified Calm can be found at the 3rd Level, Shangrila Mall or look them up on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Certified-Calm/112597488772669

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