Banapple Lovin’

One of the hardest things to do (okay, okay, maybe just HARDER not hardest) since I became vegetarian is to find easily accessible and affordable food options, especially when dining out. I must admit, it’s somewhat easier for me compared to my other vegetarian and vegan friends because I have chosen to remain an ovo-lacto vegetarian.

Anyway, it’s nice to find little items even on regular menus that can accommodate my diet. Besides expensive salads, that is. Haha.

Banapple, for one, offers some pasta varieties that are meat and seafood free. My favorite thing to order there, however, is the Herb Cheese and Mushroom Pie. It’s quite sizable so I can never finish it in one go, and it only costs Php 70.00. Yummy! Sometimes though I find it a tad sweet, but I love it nonetheless.

A Banapple branch is located in the 2nd floor, Il Terrazzo Bldg., Tomas Morato. Other branches are also available, two of which are located in Katipunan.

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