Alternative Transportation

There’s this girl in my yoga class who comes to the studio in a folding bicycle. It’s the cutest thing ever! If only I did not live on the other side of the world (aka Paranaque, while the studio is in Quezon City) I’d want one for myself so I can bike to practice as well. Not only does it help cut down on one’s carbon footprint, it also provides extra exercise, right? The great thing about this bicycle is that it’s so portable too. It can easily fit into the trunk of a car, for example, and so you wouldn’t need one of those kuat racks installed into the roof of your car should you decide to go on out of town trips.

Comparatively, I think these folding bikes are much more expensive compared to a traditional bike.  However, if I were a biker, I’d think it would be a good investment to make. So…do you think I should get one? Haha.

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