Missing Robee…

Now that classes are right around the corner (well, technically I’m three weeks in already since I teach in a trimestral system), I suddenly remembered the last minute back-to-school shopping stuff that I do. One thing that came to mind was my shopping trips at Robee stickers. That used to be a store in the corner right in front of San Lorenzo Village in Makati, but now they have been reduced to little kiosks in selected malls (which, I must say, can be a bit hard to find). I loved getting my name stickers there. Nowadays, however, there are a lot of options online and that has been a good alternative. Besides the regular sticker labels, there are also pressure sensitive labels (which can be personalized) available.

Besides the sticker names, Robee also had a whoooole lot of cute stickers, like the Lisa Frank ones that I used to love. How can one not miss a store filled with cuteness???? 🙂


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