Dear Apple…

Dear Apple,

Yes, I know that was such a lousy name to give you, especially since it seemed like the most obvious choice because of that big apple right in front of you. Nonetheless, I have loved you since the first time I saw you. Remember how we never were really supposed to be together, but because of that chance encounter, we ended up having such a great run together.

Lately, however, I can feel you slowly becoming old and weak and well…it feels like you may need an overhaul soon. Or a replacement. Although those tablet computers are viable options for you, I still want you. You’ve been great.

So please, don’t die on me yet, okay?

Love, Ria

yeah, this is me trying to make the most of my Macbook. It’s kinda blinky already, the keyboard no longer works and yesterday, I had to reboot the thing. Oh noes.

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