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Purging Time….

Today I took a look around me and realized I really need to make a LOT of changes. I need to get things back in order. I know letting go is important, but I realized it is more important to keep a good balance between letting go and keeping things in check.

And so I will tackle this in a bit:

I was trying to figure out what led to this mountain of a mess. I realized it’s because I tend to not be mindful of the things I buy and whether or not I really need them. Take for example my last trip to the department store. I was sooooo tempted to buy one of those cutesy rocking chair cushion sets. But yeah…I don’t even have a rocking chair. The last time I did that I ended up with a purple inflatable couch that I had no space for. Haaaay.

And so yeah…time to purge. Gotta go.

Dear Apple…

Dear Apple,

Yes, I know that was such a lousy name to give you, especially since it seemed like the most obvious choice because of that big apple right in front of you. Nonetheless, I have loved you since the first time I saw you. Remember how we never were really supposed to be together, but because of that chance encounter, we ended up having such a great run together.

Lately, however, I can feel you slowly becoming old and weak and well…it feels like you may need an overhaul soon. Or a replacement. Although those tablet computers are viable options for you, I still want you. You’ve been great.

So please, don’t die on me yet, okay?

Love, Ria

yeah, this is me trying to make the most of my Macbook. It’s kinda blinky already, the keyboard no longer works and yesterday, I had to reboot the thing. Oh noes.

CarbTrim Me Baby…

Yes…I am almost accepting defeat. I need an easy way out. These past few weeks have been all about eating too much and well…I need a way out.


Welcoming White Space

Last Saturday, I got the chance to check out a new yoga studio at the heart of Katipunan. White Space Wellness recently opened it’s doors to practitioners and I was quite excited to take a peek. I will write a more comprehensive write up in my yoga blog but since my goal for this particular site is to review what is hip and happening, I will say a few things here :)

The studio is quite spacious and is beautiful! I haven’t had the pleasure of trying their classes yet, but they do offer a wide array of classes from flow to gentle yoga, reiki, tai chi, meditation and mat pilates. There are three rooms for classes but I think the doors in between each room slides open so it can be one large room. The view is also nice as the glass windows are from floor to ceiling. I was a bit concerned about how it may feel during the afternoons especially with the sun streaming through the windows but the room is quite well ventilated with those fans like the  hunter ceiling fan I wanted. I also love that the bathroom showers have glass doors because it offers a more secure feeling of privacy.

White Space is located at the 6th Floor of the Regis Building, Katipunan Avenue.

Missing Robee…

Now that classes are right around the corner (well, technically I’m three weeks in already since I teach in a trimestral system), I suddenly remembered the last minute back-to-school shopping stuff that I do. One thing that came to mind was my shopping trips at Robee stickers. That used to be a store in the corner right in front of San Lorenzo Village in Makati, but now they have been reduced to little kiosks in selected malls (which, I must say, can be a bit hard to find). I loved getting my name stickers there. Nowadays, however, there are a lot of options online and that has been a good alternative. Besides the regular sticker labels, there are also pressure sensitive labels (which can be personalized) available.

Besides the sticker names, Robee also had a whoooole lot of cute stickers, like the Lisa Frank ones that I used to love. How can one not miss a store filled with cuteness???? :)


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