Bubba’s Yummy Surprise!

Oh lookit…I came home to a big surprise package that came in the mail today…nope, not for me, but for Bubba 🙂 Boy, was he happy to receive it!

Why hello there Vitality Value Meal!

This 20kg bag of Value Meal dog food was sent for Bubba’s review but as I read about the information and ingredients of the brand, I decided to let Joe try it to. We will be opening it soon as we are still finishing up the last of the present bag of food we have now. At present, Joe does not eat any dog food because he seems to be allergic to everything I’ve tried. Bubba never had  a problem and in fact, he’s okay with even the grocery brands (no picky eater here!).

Anyway, before I let the boys dig in, here’s some information about Value Meal dog food:

  • The main ingredient is pure lamb and beef. Unlike most brands that use chicken, this is said to less likely cause allergies. This is why I am hoping Joe will take to it 🙂
  • Value Meal contains whole grains that aims to aid the digestion. While my vet once told me that feeding Bubba too much dog food (instead of rice and meat) can be taxing to his liver because of the high protein content, this brand claims that it has the right amount of proteins plus it also has fiber from the whole grains which can make it better for their tummies.
  • Value Meal also has Omega-6 which will help produce a shiny coat.
  • Value meal is developed and manufactured in Australia and has been certified by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). I may not be a big fan of always buying products that are produced abroad but this is making me reconsider it. Much as I say I do not like Australia (not because of it’s products but because all my friends have been “taken” by Australia!!! MWAHAHA), but when I did consider going to Australia for a contest before, I looked at their quarantine and dog importation permits, they had very strict standards. I also heard that they really are very stringent about quality control and pet care so this makes me feel that this brand must really be well studied.

I wanted to take a photo of the bag with both the boys, but well, Bubba won’t let Joe near it! Let’s see what happens in the next few days 🙂 TEEEHEEEHEEE 🙂


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