The Amazing Race, Persef Edition!

I ended the trimester today with an adaptation of the wildly popular show, The Amazing Race. I had my students go all across campus looking for clues, performing challenges, and solving puzzles. It was soooo much fun! I didn’t expect the activity to be as successful as it was, and so I was quite glad that it went pretty well. The students seemed to have such a great time too! I like how I was able to link the activity to our lessons throughout the term. I teach a class called Personal Effectiveness and through the game, we got to incorporate skills like leadership, effective communication and interdependence. Perfect, right? The only thing lacking in the game, I think, was the prize in the end. I wish I prepared for that! I could have made little medals or ordered trophies at AwardsForAnything.com for the winning team! That would have been a fun souvenir. Nevertheless, I’d like to think that even in the absence of tangible prizes, my students took away the best prize ever: the skills necessary to be more effective citizens 🙂 Naks.

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