I don’t know if that is a real word, but what I have decided to do this weekend (on a random whim) is to create lots of playlists for my yoga practice. This was greatly inspired by my teacher Anna’s playlists during her Jivamukti yoga sessions. One of the songs she played a lot was the song In the Sun.  Everytime I heard the song, it would bring tears to my eyes and so since I am trying to develop my own home practice, I decided to work on putting together some music for my practice.

I am grateful for the gift of music. It makes soooo many things just so much better. I wish, though, that I were more musically inclined. Admittedly, nowadays it’s easier to learn how to create your own sound and mix up music because of modern software and equipment such as Avid Technology because everything is made accessible for the musically challenged.

Anyway, I guess I don’t really need those things because everything is on You Tube, right? 🙂

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