I Miss Gadget Shopping

I will probably be the first to admit that I am an impulsive gadget shopper. Apple, my Macbook, for example, was purchased on a whim. Piper, my iPad, was also something I got out of the blue. Same story goes for Cerise, the first ever phone I bought (since I always get a free unit from Smart since I am a loyal subscriber) and my iPoad classic. However, since I have gotten older (I guess!) and priorities changed, I seem to have my gadget impulsivity at bay.

I do miss shopping for a bright new shiny gadget, I swear. I miss the thrill of opening it up, peeling off that protective plastic layer and just enjoying the smell and feel of it. I’d love an ipod touch or perhaps an iMac for example. Or a Canon S-series camera.

In terms of priorities however, I am keeping the gadget shopping at bay. I need my moolah for yoga teacher training. Any sponsors wanna pay for training instead? Or perhaps give me a gadget to play with? Har 🙂

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