Goodbye Sunshine Store…

One of the things I have learned to do these past few months is to really stand up for something I believe in. I have learned to not just go with the trend but to go with what is right. It is true, however, that at times, what is right is what is going on with everyone else as well.

The whole boycott SM thing is one of those things.

Over the past few days, the issue of SM’s cutting down of 182 trees to make way for a parking lot at Baguio has once again found it’s way to the limelight.

I do understand that at times, we make sacrifices for the sake of progress and modernization, however, in this case, I do believe SM is taking it WAY to far. Haven’t we learned our lessons from all the typhoons and floods? Haven’t we learned that Mother Nature is angry with the way we are treating her?

Enough with the corporate greed.

For me, as a sign of my support for the environment and my condemnation for the cutting of those trees for a parking lot, I will say goodbye to the Sunshine Store, aka Forever 21. I know it is a small thing for such a big company, but I know my little step can make a difference.

Share your opinion! Post your thoughts.

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