Archers Eye

In the campus I teach in, we have this device called the Archers Eye. It is a CCTV camera that is installed at the entrances of the campus. Interesting, right? I like how it allows me to see the traffic situation outside of campus and also what the street condition is like, especially on rainy days. We all know, after all, how Taft gets floody whenever it rains.

The whole installation of CCTV’s around the metro, not just on campuses, is something that has changed the dynamics of many things, especially monitoring crime and safety. Before, this was just limited to malls but now, a lot of people have access to it. In fact, even parents can get nanny cams and monitor what happens at home. Businesses can get gps fleet tracking devices in order to make sure they can keep track of their deliveries and the like.

Some precautions, however, must be kept in mind. We must be careful not to invade privacy and allow these new technologies to cross the boundaries of monitoring to spying. For example, given that many cellphones have wifi and video recording capacities, it can be used in a ways that are detrimental to us. We’ve all seen the adult videos and scandals that have been spread because of these devices, right?

So like anything, there are good sides and bad sides. As end users, we must maximize the potential to the best that we can, without overstepping and crossing the line.

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