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I Miss Gadget Shopping

I will probably be the first to admit that I am an impulsive gadget shopper. Apple, my Macbook, for example, was purchased on a whim. Piper, my iPad, was also something I got out of the blue. Same story goes for Cerise, the first ever phone I bought (since I always get a free unit from Smart since I am a loyal subscriber) and my iPoad classic. However, since I have gotten older (I guess!) and priorities changed, I seem to have my gadget impulsivity at bay.

I do miss shopping for a bright new shiny gadget, I swear. I miss the thrill of opening it up, peeling off that protective plastic layer and just enjoying the smell and feel of it. I’d love an ipod touch or perhaps an iMac for example. Or a Canon S-series camera.

In terms of priorities however, I am keeping the gadget shopping at bay. I need my moolah for yoga teacher training. Any sponsors wanna pay for training instead? Or perhaps give me a gadget to play with? Har :)

Revisiting Survivor

It’s been over 20 seasons and 10 years since the franchise Survivor debuted. I did not really watch the first season but the second, Survivor Australian Outback, got me hooked. I watched all the way to season five or six, and then my fascination faded away. I’d watch a few episodes every now and then Over the past few days, I threw in Survivor DVD’s and just got hooked all over again. Super fun. :) I loved the Heroes vs. Villains season because it took the cunning and strategizing to a whole new level. I wanna find other seasons and watch them too!

Archers Eye

In the campus I teach in, we have this device called the Archers Eye. It is a CCTV camera that is installed at the entrances of the campus. Interesting, right? I like how it allows me to see the traffic situation outside of campus and also what the street condition is like, especially on rainy days. We all know, after all, how Taft gets floody whenever it rains.

The whole installation of CCTV’s around the metro, not just on campuses, is something that has changed the dynamics of many things, especially monitoring crime and safety. Before, this was just limited to malls but now, a lot of people have access to it. In fact, even parents can get nanny cams and monitor what happens at home. Businesses can get gps fleet tracking devices in order to make sure they can keep track of their deliveries and the like.

Some precautions, however, must be kept in mind. We must be careful not to invade privacy and allow these new technologies to cross the boundaries of monitoring to spying. For example, given that many cellphones have wifi and video recording capacities, it can be used in a ways that are detrimental to us. We’ve all seen the adult videos and scandals that have been spread because of these devices, right?

So like anything, there are good sides and bad sides. As end users, we must maximize the potential to the best that we can, without overstepping and crossing the line.

Super Hot Summer

Today’s temperature was reportedly the hottest Manila has seen this summer, and much as I super duper love the summertime, I found myself debilitated by the heat. So much so I was not able to accomplish anything. I ended up sleeping all day, but very uncomfortably because I was sweating like a stuck pig. Not a very nice metaphor, I know, but it felt that way. I didn’t even take my dogs for a walk because it was way too hot.All I wanted to do was sit in a hammock in the garden, but my hammock is really dusty and eeeew.  Plus it was way too hot outside. Perhaps I should check out Hammocks.com for hammock stands that can be used indoors. Hehe.

Oh hot Summer please be kind tomorrow.

PH Bakehouse Love :)

About a week ago I got a notification on my Facebook account that I was PH Bakehouse’s Fan of the Week. It was so cute :) A dear friend of mine owns and operates this home based business and I have ordered a wonderfully cute cake from her in the past for a friends surprise birthday party.

I will be honest, though, I did not get to taste the cake! We did not get to eat the cake during the party because we ended up eating too much for lunch and so my friend brought the entire cake home. She said it was uber delicious. I don’t think she was just saying that to to make me feel good or what not because even she ordered a cake for her nephews birthday, so I suppose it was really good. Read the rest of this entry »


I don’t know if that is a real word, but what I have decided to do this weekend (on a random whim) is to create lots of playlists for my yoga practice. This was greatly inspired by my teacher Anna’s playlists during her Jivamukti yoga sessions. One of the songs she played a lot was the song In the Sun.  Everytime I heard the song, it would bring tears to my eyes and so since I am trying to develop my own home practice, I decided to work on putting together some music for my practice.

I am grateful for the gift of music. It makes soooo many things just so much better. I wish, though, that I were more musically inclined. Admittedly, nowadays it’s easier to learn how to create your own sound and mix up music because of modern software and equipment such as Avid Technology because everything is made accessible for the musically challenged.

Anyway, I guess I don’t really need those things because everything is on You Tube, right? :)

Tightening the Belt

I am an impulsive shopper. It’s terrible. Tonight I did it again…I was just browsing through Facebook and I ended up ordering something online even if I did not need it. I did like it a lot, but I don’t really need it.


I know I must start being more conscious about my spending habit. At the rate I am going, I will find myself deep in a rut and struggling to get out of debt!

Stop shopping, Ria! STOOOOP!!!

Goodbye Sunshine Store…

One of the things I have learned to do these past few months is to really stand up for something I believe in. I have learned to not just go with the trend but to go with what is right. It is true, however, that at times, what is right is what is going on with everyone else as well.

The whole boycott SM thing is one of those things.

Over the past few days, the issue of SM’s cutting down of 182 trees to make way for a parking lot at Baguio has once again found it’s way to the limelight.

I do understand that at times, we make sacrifices for the sake of progress and modernization, however, in this case, I do believe SM is taking it WAY to far. Haven’t we learned our lessons from all the typhoons and floods? Haven’t we learned that Mother Nature is angry with the way we are treating her?

Enough with the corporate greed.

For me, as a sign of my support for the environment and my condemnation for the cutting of those trees for a parking lot, I will say goodbye to the Sunshine Store, aka Forever 21. I know it is a small thing for such a big company, but I know my little step can make a difference.

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