Mall Scares

The other day, in broad daylight, one of our local malls was terrorized by armed gunmen who held up security guards and employees of a money changer just around the time the mall opened. It was quite a shock to hear about it. This came at the heels of news the day before of a woman who also shot someone in the mall several months ago being declared mentally incompetent to face trial. It also reminded me of another tragic shooting that happened in another mall involving two young boys. It’s scary. Malls are supposed to be fun places where people can relax, have fun and just let their cares go but lately, the mall scares have been escalating. I know the mall security tries, but I can understand that the guards at the entrances don’t really get to check the patrons quite well. For one, there’s just too many people. Secondly, the patrons themselves get pissed when the guards try to frisk them and look through their bags. It’s high time, I think, that mall operators invest in something more tangible to protect customers. Perhaps they can check out metal detectors sales and other means of beefing up security. I think CCTV’s aren’t enough…hopefully these incidents don’t happen much anymore.

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