Starting Fresh

There’s nothing more I would like to do than to start fresh. I think it’s about time to make a MAJOR change in my life. Call it an early mid-life crisis (yeah, I guess I can say I’m midlifing…I’m turning 33 this year after all!) if you’d like, but yeah, I feel like my life is going in circles and I can’t move forward.

I’m sick of being tired all the time and I’m sick of being in the same place all the time. Admittedly, there are days, too, when I am sick of being single and “free”. I am grateful for it, like I have said in the past, but there’s also a part of me that longs to be married and with children. I’m tired, after all, of the whole dating scene and the routine of getting to know someone then having that not work out. If only knowing someone was as easy as going to some bureau to get a personal background check, then life would be so much simple. Har.

Seriously though….I really need to make a change. What exactly do I want to do? I have no idea. All I know is that I have to do something.

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