My Best Friend’s Baby!!!!

I’m soooo happy for my best friend. The last time I wrote about her on this blog was on the eve of her wedding. Now, a little over a year since that day, she is a mommy 🙂 She gave birth earlier this month to the sweetest little thing!!! And yes, it’s a girl 🙂 Woot. Can you just imagine all that pink cuteness we can shower this little girl with??? Hehe. Speaking of which, it’s funny how differently we shop for things nowadays. Before, it was all about what designer bag to get or whether a Toyota is better than a Honda. Now it’s like, should I get this crib or would a 4moms origami stroller be better than the other brands, etcetera etcetera! Haha. In any case, it’s amazing to still be with my best friend at this point in our lives 🙂

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