Movie Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Some time ago, I caught the trailer of the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Something Tom Hanks’ character said struck me back then. He said “If things were easy to find, they wouldn’t be worth finding“. From then on, I knew I wanted to catch the movie when it came out and so when I was sent an invitation by my friends at Warner Bros. to catch the press screening of the film, I made sure I’d be able to watch.

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The movie is adapted from Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestselling novel with the same title about a young boy’s search for meaning after the loss of his dear father during the 9-11 attack on New York City. After what he deems as “The Worst Day”, Oskar Schell (played by Thomas Horn), struggles with the loss of a father whom he had a wonderful relationship with as he deals with the trauma and confusion brought by circumstances. Adding to his difficulty is the fact that he is quite different and socially inept.  Although the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center is a central figure to the storyline, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is definitely not just another movie about the tragedy. The film gives viewers a different perspective at the event.

The film also sheds some light on different thinkers, and even Aspergers Disorder, as it gives viewers a chance to see things from their point of view. In the film, Oskar is an extremely intelligent child but is highly eccentric, obsessive, socially inept and anxious. As the film progresses, he narrates how he feels, what goes on in his mind and what happens to him as these come and go.

What really stuck with me, however, was the message of loving and letting go, and about how deeply unconditional love can be. The relationships between Oskar and his parents, his grandmother and The Renter were also beautiful to watch and explore.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close opens today in local theaters.



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