Modern Day Shopping

The other day, my cousin and I had this whole discussion about shopping and bills payment. She was saying she can’t believe I still waste so much time going to the bank and paying my bills when all I need to do is enroll my accounts into an online banking facility and viola, problem solved. I do know she is right and actually, to some degree, I have gotten my foot in the door with modern day shopping and payment methods. Paypal and other debit facilities, for example, have become such great friends. I still am iffy, however, about the whole idea of contactless cards and similar methods. While I know they’re generally safe, I’m afraid of errors that I may make or what not. Why? Take the case of the e-passes for the car. I have been, several times, overcharged for one entry because it was detected twice. But then I guess if this is the way modern shopping is gonna go, I will have to get used to it. In the meantime, I gotta go…bank calls. Har.


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