And They Lived Happily Ever After…

I think I finally found it…the way to my prince charming that is.

Sus….just add water pala eh! And all this time I’ve been wasting my time on dating the wrong people??? Har.


Seriously though, I have gotten to a point in my life where I have come to the realization that no one, meaning singles or couples, are better off than the other. Sure we have different issues and concerns, but both would have their pros and cons. I do enjoy my lifestyle now, but there are days when I do also see how nice it is to have the kind of lifestyle my married and babied friends have. For example, I love how I can splurge on random stuff on a whim because if I had a family, I’d have to prioritize other things, right? I know I don’t have to shop for mother in law gifts or baby stuff, and so I just buy random stuff for myself instead. BUT…I do wanna have the whole mother-in-law and baby stuff and the whole package, too.

In time, perhaps. In the meantime, lemme go grow my prince charming, yes? Haaaaaaahaaaa!!!!

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